One by one the Canarian deputies move to Madrid

night 23 July general election identified the names of deputies and senators from the islands who are moving to Madrid. The Canary Islands distribute 15 deputies and 11 senators, in a distribution where PP and PSOE are tied, Vox, Sumar and Coalición barely get a seat, and Nueva Canarias does not count.

PSOE received more votes and received 1 place compared to 2019, while PP received two. Very even this accountsince the PSOE added 339,300 votes in the islands, 33.27%, and the PP combined 309,509 ballots, 30.4%.

From the province of Las Palmas there will be 8 deputies, namely Jimena Delgado-Taramona, Guillermo Mariscal and Carlos Alberto Sánchez Ojeda from the PP; Maria Dolores Corujo, Luc Andre Diouf Dioch and Ada Santana of PSOE; Alberto Rodriguez of Vox; and Noemi Santana de Sumar.

For the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, these will be Juan Antonio Rojas, Asier Antona and Laura Lima from PP; Hector Gomez Hernandez, Alicia Alvarez Gonzalez, Sergio Matos Castro, PSOE; and Cristina Valido of the Canary Islands Coalition.

So the Congress stays in the Canary Islands


For its part, the Senate scored a socialist victory with 7 against two from the PP, to the surprise of La Gomera’s island parties, ASG and El Hierro, with AHI.

The senator for Fuerteventura is Paloma Hernandez Cerezo (PSOE), for Gran Canaria – Ramón Morales Quesada (PSOE), Marta Jorgina Saavedra Domenech (PSOE), Sergio Ramos Acosta (PP), Maria del Mar Arevalo Araya (PP), and in Lanzarote Francisco Manuel Fajardo Palarea (PSOE) is going to Madrid.

Aniceto Javier Armas González (AHI) for El Hierro and Fabian Chinea Correa (ASG) for La Gomera. In La Palma the Socialists will repeat with Kylian Sanchez San Juan (PSOE) and in Tenerife they will be Pedro Manuel Martín Dominguez (PSOE), Marta Arocha Correa (PSOE), Emilio José Navarro Castanedo (PP).

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