One by one, we show you the value of each Emma Watson car

The renowned French actress, Emma Watson, owns a very wide range of cars, from those that cost a fortune to the most modest. One by one, we review all of them here.

It is not necessary to give too many details of who it is Emma Watson: As one of the most influential women today, she is recognized for her film roles, for her fame, and for her work in fighting to raise awareness of women’s rights. Also, the role of her starring in her in Harry Potter it is unforgettable for many.

And so many years in front of the cameras have brought him a fortune that has exceeded the 80 million dollarswith which he has bought some amazing cars. That is why at Clinch News we show you what they are and we bring the value of each one of them.

Cadillac Escalade

The eccentric wheeled manufactured by the American automotive company Cadillac, known for its large size, bold and distinctive design and luxury features. It is popular with buyers looking for a SUV spacious and powerful luxury. It costs around $100,000 dollars.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

It is one of my favorite cars. Emma and that he uses very little because he only takes it out of the garage at special times. Its market value oscillates around $330,000 dollars and it is the most expensive car of the French actress.

Emma’s luxurious car.

Mercedes E-Class

A luxurious and current model that the protagonist of “Beauty and the Beast”“. This Mercedes E-Class is currently priced at $71,000 dollars and is an extremely comfortable car. The engine power varies depending on the version, with a maximum output of 612 horsepower in the AMG E 63 S variant.

The value of the rest of your cars:

Audi RS3: $52,000 dollars.
Lexus RS: $60,650 dollars.
Toyota Prius: $29,875 dollars.
BMW 5-Series: $56,900 dollars.
Volvo XC90: $80,000 dollars.

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