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    1. We were on the cusp of Franco’s return

      If the PP/VOX tandem had won, we would have witnessed a second Franco regime without Franco.

      The extreme right of the PP/VOX never denounced Francoism and tried not to talk about this historical period in Spain, and, unlike the French or German extreme right, insisted on imposing a traditional Francoist morality centered on censorship, cultural issues, hatred. achievements of feminists, protection of bullfighting and hunting, censorship of shows, fines for planting a rainbow flag in fair stalls, banning topless, introducing hunting and bullfighting into primary education, etc.

      Add to this Francoism the observation of Trumpism with the denial of vaccines or climate change.

      This is explained by the fact that during the transitional period, in contrast to the denazification that took place in Germany, the essence of the Franco regime was preserved here: the judges of the Court of Public Order, who persecuted red they went to the Supreme Court and the National Court (a figure not found in the rest of Europe and in which rightfully elected judges try crimes and people who are interested in them), Francoist policemen and torturers continued in the police reached important posts, families who became rich under Franco, continued to lead and enrich themselves under the regime of 1978, the Francoist understanding of history continued to dominate education and the media (this is very serious, since it deprived new generations of the knowledge that would give them weapons against fascism), adoration and the presence of heirs in the role of divan, for example, from the Franco or Vallejo Najera families, Dr. Mengele A Spaniard who experimented on Republican prisoners to extract the “red gene”…

      Insist specifically on the danger posed by judges in Spain. Feihoo confirmed that if he wins the election, he will allow the current, reduced, expired, right-wing and illegitimate General Council of the Judiciary to make appointments that the PSOE has blocked. This would mean that, prior to its renewal by law, this Council could appoint up to 30% of Supreme Court judges, whose positions are currently vacant. These appointments were blocked by the PSOE with a law preventing fachas and Opus judges from attacking the high court.

      We are already seeing the consequences of these appointments in the United States, where Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices make abortion impossible or facilitate book censorship in schools and libraries, and change election laws in favor of the far right.

      But you don’t have to go that far. An example of our “fair” judges: Barcenas was released because he worked as an accountant in his son’s band, Taburete. Zaplana released due to “terminal illness”. Rodrigo Rato released due to “old age”. Juan Carlos I in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, just a few days ago, it was announced that singer Pablo Hazel would not be released from prison until 2027.

      In short, the essence of Francoism has never been eradicated in Spain, and if PP/VOX had succeeded, we would have witnessed at least a decade of Francoism without Franco, but even more shameless and not blushing to show its tougher face.

      2. long live the chains 2023

      Bourbon Fernando VII after the War of Independence returned to Spain and established an absolutist regime, repealing the Constitution of Cadiz in 1812 and freedom. He had a hard time, he had to rely on the intervention of a foreign army “One Hundred Thousand Sons of San Luis” sent by the absolutist European monarchs.

      The most uneducated population and the church supported the absolutism of Fernando VII with the exclamation “Long live the Caens”, in which they supported Fernando VII even at the cost of his freedom. “Que te voice Txapote” is the “vivan las caenas” of 2023, an unworthy cry defaming those who utter it. Feihoo refused to condemn this unworthy phrase, because any nonsense is worth it to win.

      And that’s exactly what Muñoz Molina says in his article “Era de la vileza”: “Social media has universalized the old rudeness of the bar counter and toilet wall. The cruel rhyme, the grace, the slogan is now publicly repeated by people who hold public office and are confident in an excellent education. Without going into details, I will add Ayuso in the Parliament of Madrid.

      And the fact is that Ayuso, and now also Feijoo, have as their highest adviser Miguel Angel Rodriguez, a master of meanness, lies and traps, who back in 2008, in order to discredit the Madrid healthcare system, launched a campaign against Dr. Montes, accusing him of speeding up critically ill deaths Political persecution that disrupted this doctor’s life, and although justice agreed with him, the damage had already been done.

      3. The moral collapse of Spain in 2023

      Hannah Arendt, a German writer and philosopher, coined the expression “the banality of evil” to describe how millions of ordinary German citizens accompanied and supported the rise of Nazism in Germany, which she called “Germany’s moral collapse in the 1930s.” .

      The same moral collapse is happening today in Spain. This is the only way to understand why millions of Spaniards vote for the party that started the criminal war, the one in Iraq, knowing that this is a lie about weapons of mass destruction (by the way, Aznar is the only one of the trinity from the Azores who did not show regret or regret, resulting in the death of over a million people, including 500,000 children); that he lied to the Spanish about the attack on the Atocha trains; that he uses judges and the police for his own personal interests; that he was convicted of theft with full hands; who left eight thousand elderly people to die in abandoned houses without any help; that he has used lies as an election weapon and is targeting journalists who expose them; that blocking the renewal of the judiciary violates the constitution; and whose candidate had strong relationships with drug dealers. Why continue?

      A detail in honor of the truth. If not for the votes of the Basque Country and Catalonia, the PP/VOX tandem would have won by an absolute majority. In other words, these Francoists are the majority in the rest of Spain.

      Moral collapse and lack of ethics in voting is not related to these two nationalities, but to the rest of Spain. Are there many who say, “I am neither right nor lion,” but hold on to the banality of evil?

      4. We only stopped the first assault

      There is no certainty that Feihoo will not get the required number of votes to become president. There is also no certainty that PP/VOX will not win the next election given the support they have in non-nationalist Spain.

      In addition, the most blatant fascism is growing insolent on the streets and in institutions (not the indifferent ones who let things take their course and are sometimes indignant at talkers, but continue to vote for them). They have received large quotas of power in municipalities and autonomous communities and will use them against freedoms and progressive culture and education. This is in addition to the aggressiveness that he shows on the street with the support in most cases of judges, policemen and would-be Gag Lowe.

      If you add mass marriage who are constantly ranting in bars, markets and family gatherings, repeating what the press is broadcasting to them, sold (and heavily subsidized) to the extreme right, we see how difficult it is to restore the “common sense” that our people had before infiltrating Trumpism in Spain.

      5. First of all, don’t buy into their mood.

      We’ll clear something up. The media say that the PP is whitewashing the extreme right, VOX, because he agrees with them. make no mistake. This PP whitewashes VOX when it asks to vote for them and not for VOX extremists, wanting to appear moderate when their policies are practically the same. This is a classic game about bad cop, good cop; they make us distrust the bad cop to get caught in the good cop’s net.

      We must resist their messages. Restore progressive common sense. And demand that the governments we vote for don’t leave us alone. Legislation and government action are needed to reduce the power of the extreme right in judges, repeal the Gag Law and develop educational work that, among other things, restores the true history of Spain.

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