Oppenheimer and 10 other similar historical biographies you can’t stop watching

We understand you: you saw oppenheimer and now you need more historical hollywood movies. Maybe you want something similar biographies complex historical icons, sometimes in cute suits, and maybe something more modern like feature films about a world on the brink of change.

It’s no secret that Hollywood loves it biographies: just look at the Oscars ceremonies of the past two decades. We can’t get enough history lessons without opening a book. WITH oppenheimer is still cashing inwe’ve put together a list of movies based on true stories so you’ll have anecdotes for the rest of your life.

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10. JFK: Cold stuff (1991)

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Since its theatrical release oppenheimer has been rightly compared to a movie Oliver Stone JFK: Open the case, since 1991. Both manage to turn dry and dull rehearsal dialogue into gripping cinematic moments. As Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) and Strauss (Robert Downey Jr.) try to salvage their careers, jfk revolves around the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. With a cast that includes Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman (who also appears in oppenheimer), jfk it omits some history in favor of sensationalism, leaning towards conspiracies rather than adherence to the truth. Even so, its three-hour runtime flies by quickly.

9. my name is Harvey milk (2008)

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Thanks My name is Harvey Milk.Sean Penn picked up the Oscar for his portrayal of the iconic and revolutionary first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. Directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Dustin Lance Black, this biopic delves into Milk’s early years, his rise in San Francisco political circles through campaigning for gay inclusion and the creation of like-minded communities, to his untimely murder at the hands of partner. It is undoubtedly A biographical very simple in terms of structure (no black and white cuts along oppenheimer), but it tells such a powerful and destructive story that it still resonates today.

8. Imitation Game (Riddle Break) (2014)

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While Oppenheimer toiled on the atomic bomb in New Mexico, behind the English lines, the codebreakers sought to discover German secrets that might give them a greater advantage over the enemy. Alan Turing, gay whose post-war criminalization remains one of history’s greatest injustices, he was a cryptanalyst who managed to crack the Enigma device the Nazis used to send messages. The film revolves around him and his team working at Bletchley Park, racing against time to help his country win the conflict. It’s a classic wartime specimen that the British know and love, but a delicate portrayal of it Turing what Benedict Cumberbatch is doingas well as the cast of Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode and Rory Kinnear, it is well worth a watch.

7. malcolm x (1992)

You can see it in: Filmin

Malcolm X was a complex figure in history. Controversial for his apologist for violence and religious doctrine, he also played a fundamental role in the civil rights struggle of the black community in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. Directed by Spike Leethis biopic starring Denzel Washington he makes great use of theatricality, combining a stylized and restless performance with a skilful understanding of the character’s importance. malcolm x It is not about renouncing history as it was, but about re-education of a 1990s community that may have forgotten what it was fighting for.

6. One mind Excellent (2001)

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John Nash may not be as popular a name as Malcolm X, but the mathematician who won the Nobel Prize in Economics was instrumental in understanding game theory, the scientific pattern of logical interactions. IN Amazing mindNash, played by Oscar nominee Russell Crowe, is tasked with finding patterns and codes intercepting Soviet messages in magazines, but it is only when he is diagnosed with schizophrenia that it becomes clear that all is not as it seems. The film was directed by Ron Howard, which says a lot about how cheesy he can be, but there’s no one better at it than Howard.

5. Wolf from Wall Street (2014)

It can be seen on: Netflix, Movistar+ and SkyShowtime

Wolf from Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, revolves around one of the most mysterious business figures of the last 50 years: Jordan Belfort. After the Wall Street Crash, Belfort realizes he can cheat the system to get to the top, no matter what casualties he leaves behind. Eventually, the law catches up with him, and his castle of excesses and ego collapses. DiCaprio is terrific as Belfort, as is Margot Robbie as his wife, Naomi Lapaglia. It’s also great fun for what it’s worth.

4. Truman Coat (2005)

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The world never really recovered from the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman, an actor who physically couldn’t help but improve everything he appeared in. However, he didn’t have to do that Truman Capotebecause the movie was already a solid triumph. Still, she took home Oscar, so she had to bring some extra magic. The feature film revolves around an eccentric novelist responsible for milestones such as Possessed AND Breakfast with diamonds. Truman Capote is part history and part more than fiction, and it documents a writer’s adventure with writing to the blood the cold that made him a great American author, from a series of murders and the unlikely friendship he forges with the prime suspect.

3. hidden characters (2016)

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Some biographies they carve the fame of people who have marked the popular imagination, and others tell stories that would otherwise be lost forever. figurines oreducated** is certainly one of the latter as it explores the lives of the three black mathematicians who helped send John Glenn into space. The space race is often fueled by the narrative of men with rimmed glasses and rolled-up sleeves, but figurines oreducatedstarring Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and Octavia Spencerreminds us that not everything is what it seems in the history books. Of course it’s a crying movie.

2. Social network (2010)

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Recent history is still history, especially when it comes to the origins of social networking sites that make our lives 20 times faster than before. By now, everyone already knows Social networkHe biographical by David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin about the creation of Facebook. Its leaders, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and newcomer Justin Timberlake, have all been blasted into the stratosphere for their roles as tech buddies gone filthy rich. While it has gone down in internet history as the ultimate movie about what the internet is all about, what’s most remarkable about it is that it still does a great job even as our social networks crumble around us thanks to the arrogance of Silicon Valley Culture. , who explored the story of this feature film so well.

1. First Man (First Man) (2018)

It can be seen on: Amazon Prime Video and Movistar+

Neil Armstrong is a difficult character to focus around the film. Of course, he was the first man to walk on the moon, which is quite unusual, but as a person he was deeply secretive. Ryan Gosling brings a bit of introspection to this portrayal of Armstrong, making him a silent workhorse in the middle of the space race. The director of the film is Damien Chazelle, after which he reunites with Gosling la la earth, which may seem strange for the king of theater, but it brings a kind of musical quality to the exploration of the unknown. We don’t envy anyone who had to dramatize one of history’s most iconic moments, the moon landing, but Chazelle does it with a force that makes you feel like you’re seeing it for the first time.

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