Oppenherimer’s daughter Christoper Nolan has an important cameo role on the tape, and almost no one noticed her premiere Movie Trends 2023

In the popular tape, one of the director’s heirs appeared in the frame, who admitted what a “key” role the girl plays in the plot.

Christopher Nolan’s daughter shone in “Oppenheimer” in theaters | PHOTO: Libero Composition

Movie about life J. Robert Oppenheimer It revolutionized cinema. As of July 20 last year, Oppenheimer has already become part of a billboard around the world, so the smallest details of each scene are starting to come to light.

It turns out that not only Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Emily BluntAnd Matt Damonthere were characters put together by Christopher Nolan for the film, but at certain points his own daughter was also needed.

His name is Flora Nolan and was called upon to perform a shocking scene in the film. It should be noted that for the director’s daughter, this is not the first time she has acted in one of his films, since she also participated in Interstellar,

However, this time in Oppenheimer, the university played an important role that was “key” to the passage of the whole story being told on the big screen.

“We needed someone for this small role in a somewhat experimental and spontaneous episode, so it was great that he accepted.”– the famous film director admitted in an interview with The Telegraph.

Who is Flora Nolan playing?

The character played by Flora is featured in IMDB How ‘burning victim‘. Rosette describes the character as “a young woman who appears before the protagonist in hellish vision that shakes his conscience, in which a piercing white light rips the flesh from his face“.

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