Opposition leader accuses Zimbabwean president of electoral fraud and restricted voter participation

headerAugust 25, 2023

Zimbabwe began counting the results of Wednesday’s national elections as the ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, was elected in parliamentary elections (ZANU-PF) and his main rival in a situation of equality. A large number of police officers armed with water cannons were involved in the national results center. With the final results of the presidential election yet to be announced, the contest sees incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa pitted against opposition leader Nelson Chamisa for the second time after Mnangagwa held on to power in the 2018 election. The opposition said they were being manipulated. Similarly, Chamisa has already accused his opponent of trying to trick him into winning this election. Mnangagwa came to power in 2017 after leading a coup that toppled Robert Mugabe. Widespread delays during voting forced the election to be postponed to a second day. On Thursday, police carried out a raid that detained 41 local election observers, sparking criticism of the government and accusations of meddling by the ruling party. These words were expressed by one of the voters, speaking in the capital Harare.

Fortuna Sikiret: Ballots must be at the polling stations 48 hours before the start of the election. And there are no ballots on election day. We have to wait here twelve hours and there are no ballots.”

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