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MEXICO CITY, March 2 (EL UNIVERSAL).- We are 10 days away from the 95th Oscar awards ceremony and as expected there will be a Mexican presence within the nominations, an example of this is Alfonso Cuarón who in this On this occasion, he competes in the Best Short Film category with “Le Pupille”, although this time it is a smaller work in terms of format, it is interesting to see the evolution of this filmmaker and what has led him to succeed in the mecca of cinema.

“The little princess” (1995). It was Cuarón’s first work in the United States, a film that received two Oscar nominations for Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography, directed by Emmanuel Lubezki. In this film, she tells the story of Sara Crewe, an aristocratic girl who must become part of the servants of the boarding school where she was, when her father dies suddenly in India, but that does not prevent her from continuing to hope. .

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“And your mom too” (2001). It is considered one of the iconic films of the so-called New Mexican Cinema, due to the great reception it had not only among the public, but also within the specialized media, only at the Venice International Film Festival it won the Best Screenplay award, an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay and put its leads Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna at the level of superstars. In this film they give life to friends Tenoch and Julio, who embark on a trip to the beach in the company of Luisa, a Spanish woman who is a cousin-in-law of one of them, which will give rise to situations that put their friendship to the test.

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“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (2004). Alfonso Cuarón joined this successful saga with the third installment, where not only does Harry Potter and his friends enter adolescence, but also the character of Sirius Black, a convicted supporter of the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who escaped from prison. Azkaban prison and intends to kill him. This movie had very good reviews among Potter fans and even JK Rowling herself declared at the time that it was one of her favorites.

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“Children of Man” (2006). Not only did Alfonso Cuarón direct, he also co-wrote the script for this film, whose story takes place in the year 2027, where humanity is on the verge of extinction due to almost two decades of infertility, but also faces social instability due to which that a group of immigrants seeks refuge in the United Kingdom, the only one that has a functional government. This film earned three Oscar nominations, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Editing, it also won two BAFTAs for Best Photography and Best Production Design.

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“Gravity” (2013). Undoubtedly his most ambitious film regarding the technology used, it was directed, produced, co-written and co-edited by Alfonso Cuarón. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, it tells the story of Dr. Ryan Stone and astronaut Matt Kowalski, who during a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope find themselves adrift in space and must fight to reach one of space bases and survive. Among the awards he received are seven Oscars, including Best Director, a Golden Globe for the same category, and six BAFTA awards.

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“ROME” (2018). The most important film in Cuarón’s career, not only because of the 10 nominations he received at the Oscars, of which he won Best Foreign Language Film (best foreign film), Best Director and Best Cinematography; also the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival for Best Film, and two Golden Globes for Best Foreign Film and Best Director. The story is set in Mexico City in the 70s, where it shows the life of a middle-class family and their maid named Cleo, a character who is based on Liboria “Libo” Rodríguez, Cuarón’s nanny whom dedicated the film to him.

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