Oscar 2023 | Patty Jenkins criticizes the Academy for not including women in the Best Director category: “I give up”

Oscar 2023 |  Patty Jenkins criticizes the Academy for not including women in the Best Director category: I give up

Oscar 2023 | Patty Jenkins criticizes the Academy for not including women in the Best Director category: I give up

The 2023 Oscars will take place tonight and once again we see criticism on some details that have left specific sectors of Hollywood impressed and disappointed. One of the most famous comments is the lack of female directors in the Best Director category; again, men occupy the entire list of nominees and Patty Jenkins reacts to this. The Wonder Woman director says that she is tired of seeing that things don’t change, that she has stopped paying attention to the Oscars and that there is still a long road ahead.

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Jenkins She’s not a newbie to Hollywood. Her first feature film Monster (2003), starring Charlize Theron, was very well received by critics, earning her the Best Director award at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute and serial killer. She later worked mainly on television, directing episodes of series such as Arrested Development, The Killing and entourage. In 2017 Wonder Woman premiered (92%), the DC Comics superhero movie starring Gal Gadot that was a great box office and critical success. He also returned to direct the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 (76%), released in 2020.

Jenkins he has not been involved in another film project since his stumble with 1984, a film that meant the great return to movie theaters but ended up being a disappointment at the box office and among critics. His career was terribly affected by the event, to the point that Lucasfilm ended up canceling its planned Star Wars film focused on Resistance pilots. Let’s also not forget that Wonder Woman 3 it was also scrapped by Warner Bros. Discovery, leaving the filmmaker without big-name projects. He’s kept a relatively low profile in the media for the past few months, but now he’s making some notable remarks about the absence of women in the Best Director category at Charles Finch and Chanel’s pre-Oscar dinner at the Beverly Hotel’s Polo Lounge. Hills (via Variety):

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I give up, I give up. I mean that even with all their push to have diversity. The numbers are wildly unbalanced on who votes for these things. I just stopped paying attention to it. It’s still going to take a long way to go. It will take a lot more to really see more diverse prizes. I really appreciate the efforts you are making, but we have a long way to go.

Among the nominees for Best Director at the 2023 Oscars we find Martin McDonagh for The Spirits of the Island (95%), Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert for Everything Everywhere at the Same Time (91%), Steven Spielberg for The Fabelmans (96 %), Todd Field for Tár (91%) and Ruben Östlund for The Triangle of Sorrows (70%). Last year we had Jane Campion as the winner in the same category, becoming the first woman to win the statuette. This year, the Oscars return to the old ways and very soon we will find out who wins the coveted golden figure.

Patty Jenkins represented one of the DC Universe’s greatest hopes on the big screen, even inspiring Star Wars fans with a teaser that looked promising. She was previously contemplated to direct Cleopatra with Gal Gadot, however, things turned out differently. When will we see another big Hollywood title again? Has the poor reception of a single film left her career in such a bad light?

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