Oscar 2023: The most notorious scandals of the awards ceremony

  • This Sunday, the 2023 Oscar Awards ceremony is expected to take place smoothly, as an anti-crisis team has been created.

  • Throughout the award shows, there have been some embarrassing moments that have gone down in history for being shocking or “out of place”.

Although the deliveries of the Oscar awards They are usually very glamorous and spectacular, they have not escaped scandals, confusion and uncomfortable moments for the public, the winners and the presenters.

Although, in some cases, doubts have prevailed as to whether these errors or uncomfortable scenes “are part of the show”, as the protagonists themselves have confessed, these scandalous moments have not been staged, but spontaneous acts or the product of the nerves of the moment.

However, on this occasion, the organizing committee intends to be prepared for any eventuality, which is why it has established the so-called ‘Anti Will Smith Protocol’which arises as a result of the slap that the actor gave the presenter Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. This protocol consists of an anti-crisis team so that situations such as slapping do not arise.

Most scandalous moments of the Oscars

Chris Rock and Will Smith

Without a doubt, this is one of the moments that immediately went viral and went around the world, because no one expected that, in a ceremony as glamorous as the Oscar awards, something like what millions of viewers and those attending the event witnessed.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock because he made a joke about the actor’s wife, which caused him to explode, go on stage and throw himself at the presenter. That controversial scene occurred in the 2022 edition of the Oscar awards and, although, at the time it was thought that “it had been acted”, the truth is that, as a result of that slap, Will Smith He was banned from the Oscars.

The tremendous “bear” with the movies ‘La la land’ and ‘Moonlight’

The tremendous mistake that is also remembered was when there was confusion with the envelopes in which it was written which movie would be the Oscar winner for ‘Best Picture’. That is usually the most anticipated moment of the night, however, the cast of ‘La la land’ passed a terrible “bear” because the film was awarded “by mistake”.

It was in the delivery 2017 Oscars when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that ‘La la land’ had supposedly won, however, the film’s own producer corrected the error and said that, in reality, the film that had won had been ‘Moonlight’.

This, after reviewing the envelopes and the cards, they realized that the presenters had received the envelope that contained the card that rewarded Emma Stone as the ‘Best Actress’ for the film ‘La la land’. In the midst of great confusion, the cast of ‘La la land’ had to get off the stage.

Angelina Jolie and her brother cause controversy

It was at the delivery of the Oscar Awards of the year 2000, when an Angelina Jolie very euphoric won the Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her performance in the film ‘Girl, Interrupted’. During her speech, the actress he dedicated some loving words to his brotherwith whom she said, she was in love and could not conceive of her life without him.

Later, she was caught kissing her brother James Haven on the mouth, a scene that caused controversy. “I’m in shock and I’m so in love with my brother at the moment. He just hugged me and said that he loved me, and I know that he is very happy for me… Jamie, without you I have nothing. You are the strongest and most amazing man I have ever met and I love you. Thank you very much”. This is how Angelina Jolie expressed herself at the time.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga take the night away… In front of Bradley’s couple

in the delivery of Oscars 2019, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga they got the note for their movie ‘A star is born’, because both artists had incredible chemistry on the recording set.

However, at said awards ceremony, both were part of the show by interpreting the theme of the film on stage. Both were very close and a great attraction was perceived between them, which they did not hide in front of the public and the actor’s partner, Irina Shaik, who was present. The closeness between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga It made you wonder if they were lovers or just fell in love.

Marlon Brando rejects his Oscar award

It was the in year of 1973, when the great actor Marlon Brando won the award for ‘Best Actor’ for his unforgettable role in the film ‘The Godfather’. However, the iconic actor decided not to accept the award in protest of the mistreatment that North American Indian tribes had suffered for years.

On his behalf, the actor sent the activist and actress Sacheen Littlefeather, descendant of Apaches, to deliver a protest speech in front of the microphones at the Oscars. Although the actress was banned for many years, just last year she received an apology from the Oscar organizing committee for the treatment she received that night and for years.

Adrien Brody kisses Halle Berry

In the delivery of Oscars 2003 an unusual scene took place, because the actor Adrien Brody unexpectedly kissed actress Halle Berry. The scene was classified as “from a movie”, however, Berry confessed that it had not been planned, however, she played along, but admitted at the time that she was confused by the reaction of Adrien Brody, who, at that time day he won the ‘Best Actor’ award for the film ‘The Pianist’.

Actress of ‘Precious’ and her emotional speech for African-American people

It was in the year of [1945whenactressHattieMcDaniel She was the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for ‘Best Actress’ for her role in the film ‘Gone with the Wind’. The actress lived a very uncomfortable moment, because, at that time, African-American people lacked rights, so the Ambassador Hotel (where the Oscars were held) had the instruction not to let African-American people in.

Although the producer of the ceremony advocated for her and in the end she was allowed in, the actress had to sit in a place far away from her castmates, almost at the door of the hotel.

Later, in the year 2010, ‘Precious’ actress, Mo’Nique, who became the fourth African-American woman to receive an Oscar Award, reminded Hattie McDaniel and thanked him for his fight for the rights of African-American people.

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