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Moviegoers have had the necessary time to run and see some of the films that this year compete for the golden Oscar statuette, some have their predictions ready and count the hours until Sunday March 12 arrives and follow the broadcast on TNT , TNT Series and on HBO Max, with a broadcast that will begin at 6 pm with the arrival of the stars, the red carpet and all the protocol before the winners are announced.

But beyond the insane multiverses, the love letters to the cinema in each of the nominated productions and even the fears and logistics to avoid slapping or conflicts outside the gala script, we have a test to measure your knowledge and fanaticism for These awards are the most popular in cinema in the world.

1. The most awarded person at the Oscars is:
A. Meryl Streep.
B.Vincent Price.
C. Christian Bale.
D.Walt Disney.

2. In what year was the first Academy Awards ceremony held?
A. 1921.
b. 1929.
d. 1927.

3. What movie gave Leonardo DiCaprio the Oscar.
A. Who will love Gilbert Grapes?
C. The Wolf of Wall Street.
D. The Revenant.

4. In what year could the first broadcast of the awards be seen on TV?

A. 1970.
b. 1966.
D. 1968.

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5. Which actor in protest against the lack of diversity in Hollywood sent a representative of the American Indian communities to receive the award?
A. Marlon Brando.
B. George C. Scott.
C. Tom Cruise.
Mr. Nick Nolte.

6. Who is the youngest actress to win the award?
A. Ana Pacquin.
B.Jennifer Lawrence.
C. Janet Gaynor.
D. Tatum O’Neal.

7. Will Smith didn’t just botch Chris Rock at the 2022 gala.
A. He was fined for boycotting the broadcast of the awards.
B. He was strongly rebuked by Denzel Washington.
C. He damaged his moment by receiving the award shortly after.
D. He became a Hollywood pariah.

Smith starred in a violent act that went around the world. .

8. In what year was the first nomination for a Latin American film given?

A. 1960.
b. 1965.
D. 1969.

9. What was the first Oscar-winning Latin American film?
A. Alucarda.
B. Pedro Paramo.
C. Vampires in Havana.
D. The official story.

10. What Colombian interpreter was nominated in the category of best actress?

A. Vicky Hernandez.
B. Laura Garcia.
C. Catalina Sandino
D. Sofia vergara.

11. What Colombian film was nominated for an Oscar?
A. Rodrigo D.: not future.
B. The snail strategy.
C. The kings of the world.
D. The serpent’s embrace.

12. What lives with the urban legend that you received an Oscar by mistake?
A.Jennifer Lawrence.
B. Marisa Tomei
C. Maria Bello.
D. Charlize Theron.

13. What movie could only enjoy the Oscar for a few seconds?
A. La La Land.
B. Moonlight.
C. The great dictator.
D. The Revenant.

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14. Which actress lost the Oscar during a party?
A. Juliette Lewis.
B. Lana Turner.
C. Elizabeth Taylor.
Mr. Frances McDormand.

15. In what year were the Oscars called ‘Oscar’?
A. 1930.
b. 1939.
d. 1928.

16. Who was Oscar?
A. The sculptor of the statue.
B. The great patron of the prizes.
C. The first member of the Hollywood Academy.
D. The uncle of the librarian at the Hollywood Academy.

Many say that Tom Cruise is the king of the box office.

17. Tom Cruise, the great forgotten of these awards, was nominated in the best actor category for:
A. Top Gun.
B. Legend.
C. Magnolia.
D. The Firm.

18 The Oscar paid off its debt to Martin Scorsese with the film…
A. The Wolf of Wall Street.
B. The infiltrators.
C. The Irishman.
D. The age of innocence.

19 Who is the oldest actor to have won an Oscar (not worth a lifetime)
A. Alec Guinness.
B. John Houston.
C. Christopher Plummer.
Mr.Charles Chaplin.

19. For which film did Sandra Bullock win an award?
A. The Blind Side.
B. Maximum speed.
C. Gravity.
D. Bird Box.

Sandra Bullock in a scene from the drama Unforgivable.

20. Who was the first African-American actress to win an Oscar?
A. Whoopi Goldberg.
B. Hatti McDaniel.
C. Halle Berry.
Mrs. Regina King.

21. Why was 1940 a horrible year for awards?
A. They were canceled because of World War II.
B. They were victims of a terrorist attack.
C. The envelopes with the winners were lost.
D. A newspaper published the winners before the gala.

22. What Oscar nominated movie had already won one before?
A. Babylon.
B. Quiet at the front.
C. The Great Gatsby.
D. Psychosis.

23. Who is the first Marvel actress to be nominated for an Oscar?
A. Laura Dern.
B. Michelle Pfeiffer.
C. Angela Bassett.
Mrs. Sandra Oh.

24. How much does an Oscar cost?
A. 10 thousand dollars.
B. 50. thousand dollars.
C. 150 dollars.
D. One dollar.

25. One of these celebrities has not been the master of the awards gala ceremony.

A. Billy Crystal.
B. Whoopi Goldberg.
C. Bob Hope.
Mr. Jimmy Fallon.


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