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One more win everywhere. “Everything at once everywhere” confirms that she is the rival to beat at the 2023 Oscars, taking the triple union crown. The Producers (PGA) and the Directors (DGA) fell on their side and now the same has happened in the Actors Guild (SAG) who have faced a 29th transition edition (broadcast by the Netflix YouTube channel) as step prior to its jump to the platform next year, leaving behind its time of transmission on traditional television. Only “Apollo 13” lost the Oscar after having won in the three most important events of the Guilds, so it is already illusory to bet against the Daniels’ film even though the Academy has shown to break statistics without any rush in recent years.

“Everything at the same time everywhere” makes a roll before a profession that turns to the film and also becomes the most awarded of these awards with 4 awards in the categories of casting, actress (Michelle Yeoh), actor of cast (Ke Huy Quan) and supporting actress (Jamie Lee Curtis). Brendan Fraser wins the Best Actor Award for “The Whale.”

“Everything at once everywhere” has managed to mark its times very well to be present at all times but never with an overwhelming condition but rather empathetic and connecting through word of mouth. An inertia that led to films like “Parasites” or “CODA: Los sonidos del silencio” that showed in the SAG that the largest group in the industry, that of the actors, was surrendered to these bets that, without The need to be incontestable, they do establish an emotional connection and a viral (but not abrasive) face-to-face that makes them popular but short-lived phenomena, being precisely in the conversation at the decisive moment.

A success that showed that it has many faces beyond the Daniels. It was the night for Michelle Yeoh (who won the award for best actress visibly moved) and Jamie Lee Curtis who found her night of recognition in an industry that respects and loves her after so many years contributing to it both in more personal projects such as mythical and popular sagas such as “Halloween”.

The supporting actress award was the first prize for “Everything at once everywhere” predicting a great night for the film with Jamie Lee Curtis who did not hesitate to vindicate the now criticized “nepo baby” by vindicating her parents, the legendary Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. An award that was born from the fervor of her colleagues who already gave her an ovation in her initial “speech” in which some of the nominees always share some experience about her profession.

The oversized Ke Huy Quan was somewhat more eclipsed since not only Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis made the spotlights focus on them after many decades of silence in which they have had to overcome prejudices and the erratic whims of the industry, but also that in the delivery of the award for best cast, the spotlight was placed on the veteran James Hong, remembered for “Coup in little China” (1976), at 94 years old, vindicating an Asian community to which it now seems that Hollywood is lending the attention it deserves when telling its stories.

“Everything at once everywhere” was the face of a ceremony that left any other option as a mere stone guest. The cross was “Almas en torment de Inisherin” which became the biggest loser of these awards by not materializing any of the 5 nominations with which it was presented. Neither the bitter and humanist charm that the film gives off, nor the chemistry that Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson also showed on stage when presenting the clip of it, was enough for a film that aspired to more and that, as has been been deflating in the decisive line.

The same can be said of “The Fabelmans” which has suffered from the lack of passion of Spielberg’s most personal project, which was evidenced by the coldness in the film’s presentation clip. That is why there was no trace of Brad Pitt or Margot Robbie, leaving almost the substitutes to present the “Babylon” clip. Also unnoticed are the actresses of “Ellas hablando” who would have deserved more on an individual level beyond their joint nomination in cast.

After his commented number at the Bafta (a rap that raised more than one meme on networks), he stood out among the pairs of presenters such as Ariana DeBose urged his partner Diego Luna to be in charge of presenting the supporting actress nominees while Zendaya and Paul Mescal were in charge of presenting the first prize of a night full of surprises.

Sally Field has been the recipient of the honorary award given by Andrew Garfield (the aunt and nephew reunion in the “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies). A tribute to one of those essential actresses who, despite never having been a star, has been one of the most grateful presences whenever she has been on the screen, both in film and on television.

The winners

Actor: Brendan Fraser (The Whale)

Actress: Michelle Yeoh (All At Once Everywhere)

Supporting actor: Ke Huy Quan (Everything at once everywhere)

Supporting Actress: Jamie Lee Curtis (Everything at Once Everywhere)

Distribution: Everything at once everywhere


Drama Series Actor: Jason BatemanOzark

Drama Series Actress: Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus)

Comedy series actor: Jeremy Allen White (The Bear)

Comedy series actress: Jean Smart (Hacks)

Miniseries or TV movie actor: Sam Elliott (1883)

Miniseries or TV movie actress: Jessica Chastain (George & Tammy)

Drama series cast: The White Lotus

Comedy series cast: Abbott elementary


red carpet photos

The details

* In the last 13 years, only 8 times have interpreters won the SAG and were left without the Oscar. Viola Davis for “Maids and Ladies” in 2012, tommy lee jones for “Lincoln” in 2013, Idris Elbe for “Beasts of no nation” in 2016, Denzel Washington for “Fences” in 2017, Glenn Close for “The Good Wife” in 2019, Emily Blunt for “A Quiet Place” in 2019 and Chadwick Boseman and Viola Davis for “The Mother of the Blues” in 2021.

* Marcia Gay Harden by “Pollock” in 2001, Christopher Waltz for “Django Unchained” in 2013 and Regina King for “The Beale Street Blues” in 2019 they are the only actors who have won an Oscar without being SAG candidates.

* “Braveheart” in 1996, “The Shape of Water” in 2018, “Green book” in 2019 and “Nomadland” in 2021 they are the only films that have won the Oscar without being nominated for best cast at the SAG. “A cage of crickets” in 1997 it is the only film that has won the SAG and was not nominated for an Oscar for best film.

* The SAG for best cast has coincided with the Oscar on 13 of the 28 occasions that it has been delivered. Are “Shakespeare in love” (1999), “American beauty” (2000), “Chicago” (2003), “The return of the King” (2004), “Crash” (2006), “No country for old men” (2008), “Slumdog Millionaire” (2009), “The king’s speech” (2011), “Argo” (2013), “Birdman” (2015), “Spotlight” (2016), “parasites” (2020) and “CODA: The Sounds of Silence” (2022).

* The SAG for leading actor has coincided with the Oscar on 22 of the 28 occasions in which it has been delivered. The only exceptions have been Benicio, the bull for “Traffic” in 2001 (which took the Oscar as a supporting role but won at the SAG as the lead opposite Russell Crowe for “Gladiator”), Russell Crowe for “A Beautiful Mind” in 2002, Daniel Day-Lewis for “Gangs of New York” in 2003, Johnny Depp for “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” in 2004, Denzel Washington for “Fences” in 2017 and Chadwick Boseman for “The Mother of the Blues” in 2021.

* The SAG for leading actress has coincided with the Oscar on 20 of the 28 occasions in which it has been delivered. The differences between SAG and Oscar were Jodie Foster for “Nell” in 1995, Annette Bening for “American beauty” in 2000, Renee Zellweger for “Chicago” in 2003, julie christie for “Away From Her” in 2008, meryl streep for “Doubt” in 2009, Viola Davis for “Maids and Ladies” in 2012, Glenn Close for “The Good Wife” in 2019 and Viola Davis for “The Mother of the Blues” in 2021.

* The SAG for supporting actor has coincided with the Oscar on 19 of the 28 occasions that it has been awarded. The differences have been with Ed Harris for “Apollo 13” in 1996, Robert Duvall for “Civil Action” in 1999, Albert Finney for “Erin Brockovich” in 2001, Ian McKellen for “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” in 2002, Christopher Walken for “Catch Me If You Can” in 2003, Paul Giamatti for “Cinderella man” in 2006, eddy murphy for “Dreamgirls” in 2007, tommy lee jones for “Lincoln” in 2013 and Idris Elbe for “Beasts of no nation” in 2016.

* The SAG for supporting actress has coincided with the Oscar on 20 of the 28 occasions that it has been awarded. The differences have been with Kate Winslet for “Sense and Sensibility” in 1996, Lauren Bacall for “Love has two faces” in 1997, kathy bates for “Primary colors” in 1999, Judi Dench for “Chocolat” in 2001, Helen Mirren for “Gosford Park” in 2002, Ruby Dee for “American gangster” in 2008, Kate Winslet for “The Reader” in 2009 (which won the Oscar for leading role but won at the SAG against Penélope Cruz for “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”) and Emily Blunt for “A Quiet Place” in 2019.

* The Actors Guild (SAG) for best cast and the Producers Guild (PGA) for best film have met 11 times in the 28 years they have been held. “Apollo 13” in 1996, “American beauty” in 2000, “Chicago” in 2003, “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” in 2004, “Little Miss Sunshine” in 2007, “No country for old men” in 2008, “Slumdog Millionaire” in 2009, “The king’s speech” in 2011, “Argo” in 2013, “Birdman” in 2015 and “CODA: The Sounds of Silence” in 2022.


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