Oscars already sound: actors, actresses and favorite films

Although there are many months ahead March 10, 2024He Dolby Theater in Los Angeles stand out and the best in the film industry will walk the red carpet to meet the winners 96th Academy Awardsthey start happening first bids of those who may be potential nominees take STATUE.

There are quite a few professionals who are hard at work hitting hard at the box office around the world and have earned critical acclaim. Also surprising are the performances of many actresses and many actors with roles, both major and minor, worthy of receiving the most coveted award in the seventh art …

Thus, Let’s make a small review of titles, directors and performers. that we believe that at this point they have already bought a ticket, at least have a serious chance of being nominated for the 2024 Oscars.

Best movie

About the award best moviehe calls loudly Teacher, New play by Bradley Cooper about the life of the legendary Leonard BernsteinAmerican composer, pianist and conductor, which will premiere in September at the Venice Film Festival and will be released worldwide on November 22.

In this sense, the protagonists of the great battle for the summer box office cannot be ignored. Barbiea feminist satire by Greta Gerwig starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling; And OppenheimerThe story of the father of the atomic bomb, masterfully directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Cillian Murphy, has been praised by critics around the world.

It looks like Martin Scorsese’s new bet will also be nominated. moon killershistorical thriller of the 1920s, based on a true story, with a truly luxurious cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Brendan Fraser, and which will be released on October 20 in cinemas in our country.

british film area of ​​interestJonathan Glazer will also be in the fight, as was the case with salt burnEmerald Fennell’s story about the English aristocracy, which opens on November 24; rustbiographical drama about civil and gay rights in the 1960s directed by George Q. Wolfe in theaters on November 17; purple, another story by Sam Blitz Bazavule about racism scheduled for January 2024; Irish poor creaturesfantastic thriller by the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, or the second part Dune, Dunes: Part 2Denis Villeneuve and which will also go on sale in November.

And write down a few more titles that will surely not go unnoticed among the jury members: Past Lives, Remains, Napoleon, Assassin and Air.

best director

The nominations for Best Director’s Figurine will, as usual, be closely linked to the nominations for Best Picture. And in this section, the thought inevitably arises that there may be a high-level dispute between such historical directors as Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolanfor “Moon Killers” and “Oppenheimer” respectively.

However, the huge impact of the film Teachermakes us look away Bradley Cooper as a nominee and who knows if he will win an Oscar for Best Director.

To this list we should add, logically, Emerald Fennell To salt burnTo Jonathan Glazer To area of ​​interestTo Denis Villeneuve To Dunes: Part 2To Alexander Payne To RemainsTo Greta Gerwig To BarbieTo Celine Song To past lives already Yorgos Lanthimos To poor creatures.

Best Actor and Best Actress

We’ll see Ryan Gosling nominated Barbie? Many people point to it. Already Bradley Cooper deciding to also receive the best actor statuette in addition to the best director statuette for Teacher? There is no doubt that it will…

These are two prominent names among the possible Best Actor nominees that we are also adding to the list. Cillian Murphy To OppenheimerTo Colman Domingo To rustTo Leonardo DiCaprio To moon killersTo Barry Keoghan To salt burnTo Joaquin Phoenix To NapoleonTo Paul Giamatti To RemainsTo Michael Fassbender To MurdererTo Adam Driver To ferrari already Mark Ruffalo To poor creatures.

And as for the best actress, does anyone doubt it? Margot Robbie Will he participate in the fight for the statuette? Her gorgeous role playing the most famous doll of all time has clear possibilities, as do other translators who sound strong like Carey Mulligan To Teacher, Emma Stone To poor creatures, Lily Gladstone To moon killers or Barrino Fantasy To purple.

But write down other names (important names) that will surely not go unnoticed, such as the names Annette Bening To nyad, Kate Winslet To read, Natalie Portman To Scandal secrets, Sandra Huller To fall anatomy And Jessica Lange To Long ride into the night.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress

As for supporting roles, in the case of the best actor, the man who is more accustomed to leading roles has many options, a classic among classics: Robert DeNirofor his work in moon killers.

Of course, despite the fact that De Niro is one of the biggest, he will have a lot of competition, because among our pools there are Willem Dafoe To poor creatures, Matt Damon To Oppenheimer, Glynn Thurman To rust, Richard E. Grant To salt burn, Matt Bomer To Teacher, Colman Domingo To purple, Tahar Rahim To Napoleon, Jesse Plemons also for moon killersand even to Ryan Gosling To Barbie.

And for Best Supporting Actress, today’s bets make us think of names like names Emily Blunt To Oppenheimer, Julianne Moore To Scandal secrets, Carey Mulligan And Rosamund Pike To salt burn, Taraji P. Henson And Daniel Brooks To purple, Da’Vine Joy Randolph To rust or through Remains, Audra McDonald To rust, Andrea Riseborough To read And Vanessa Kirby To Napoleon.

The possibilities are endless and to all these names and all these names more will be added soon. These are the ones that sound the best right now… Place your bets!


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