Oscars: Cara Delevigne gave a Hollywood wink to Angelina Jolie on the carpet

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cara delevigne reappeared in public, after the strong rumors that circulated in recent months regarding his state of health. And she did it nothing more and nothing less than at the gala of the Oscar awardswearing an amazing Hollywood design, worthy of the most famous carpet in the world, which recalled one of the most memorable moments in history.

The British model wore one of the most commented dresses of the night, practically as a tribute to the authentic glamor that she has managed to display on the catwalks Angelina Jolie, in previous years. It is a design from the autumn-winter 2021 collection of elie saabwhich reminds us of the iconic dress that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife donned in 2012.

Angelina Jolie wearing the most iconic dress in the history of the Oscars (gala 2012)

Only with a strategic opening in her black velvet dress from Atelier Versace, Angelina Jolie managed to revolutionize the gala of the year 2012. The actress wore a very sensual asymmetrical neckline design that exposed her right leg with which she monopolized all the spotlights. In any case, her exaggerated pose was the one that immortalized the memory that the model apparently revived on the night of this March 12.

cara delevigne, was in charge of commemorating another iconic moment in homage to the actress, when she appeared on the champagne carpet of the gala clad in a glamorous dress. An asymmetric neckline design, with one sleeve and a voluminous skirt, very similar to the design immortalized by Angelina Jolie.

Cara Delevigne winked at Angelina Jolie with her design at the 2023 Oscars

Photo Credits: E! Entertainment @EONLATINO

A tribute?

the admiration you feel cara delevigne by Angelina Jolie It is not new, he has already made his fascination public. Around the year 2016, the actress and model on the occasion of a campaign pronounced her admiration for the also businesswoman and director: “My admiration for Angelina Jolie is infinite, as I admire anyone who transforms their pain into power”said.

And I add: “I admire restless people. I admire her ongoing involvement with the United Nations as a goodwill ambassador. She is relentless in her efforts to create something different for refugees. She also inspires me in pursuing my dreams as an actress as have aspirations to become a director one day.

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