Oscars: The most iconic red carpet dresses

Each one has its own message and style…

By: Isamar Escobar.

One of the most important issues of the red carpet of the oscars It is the fascination of the parade of celebrities with the most top dresses to attend the night of the film awards. These dresses year after year catch the spotlight.

For this reason, here we tell you which are the dresses that were the most iconic at the time and as time and technology have passed, they are looks that they become viral and must-see for those who are passionate about the world of fashion.

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior

Jennifer Lawrence is the actress who has worn the most luxurious dress in the history of the Oscars. She wore it in 2013 when she won the best actress statuette in the movie Silver Linings Playbooks. It was a Christian Dior with a strapless cut and a mermaid waistin pale pink brocaded silk.

This haute couture model was presented for the first time in the Christian Dio collectionr in 2013 for Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week. Christian Dior fashion housefamous for making women look stylish on the neck and shoulders, designed this dress as another model of the collection, splendor-inspired minimalism in brocaded silk features: a stiff and heavy fabric.

The story goes that Jennifer Lawrence She found out about the dress browsing the internet. She loved it and hours before the Oscars, the actress went to try on the dress at a Dior boutique. It was the first dress and the only one tried on that morning.: what Jennifer Lawrence had seen on the internet suited her needs perfectly. The adjustments to tailor it to Lawrence were very few.

Hours later, the dress and Lawrence made international headlines.: Lawrence is not only remembered for winning the Best Actress statuette, nor for spectacularly dressing the Christian Dior that was never christened, but also for stumbling on the steps of The Dolby Theater when he went up to receive the award.

Do you remember?

This Christian Dior dress It is not the only millionaire dress that we have seen at the Oscars, which this Sunday celebrates its ninety-second edition. Let’s see other cases:

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

The singer and actress was the star of the 91st edition, Lady Gaga a Despite the fact that she did not win the award for best actress, she did not go unnoticed because her look made an impact in a dress from the firm alexander mcqueenin which crowned her look with the legendary yellow diamond from Tiffany & Co.

Nicole Kidman in John Galliano

The second most expensive dress is that of Nicole Kidman in 1997. In that installment, Kidman was not nominated for any film but her dress was impossible to go unnoticed.

Kidman’s look was designed by John Galliano’s firm. It is silk with embroidery and beading on the buttonhole neckline. This neck characterizes the firm. The tone of the dress is vibranta green gold made eyes stop at the body of the actress.

Natalie Portman in Dior

In 2020 Natalie Portman dazzled with her lookwell his detail in with cape it was with a feminist message on behalf of all the directors who were not nominated.

Cate Blanchett and Giorgio Armani Prive

The third most sumptuous dress belongs to the actress Cate Blanchett. She wore it in 2007, when she attended the Oscars ceremony with a Giorgio Armani Privé encrusted with Swarovski.

The cut style of the dress is Greek, fitted and in metal color. At that ceremony, Cate Blanchett was nominated for best supporting actress for the film Diary of a Scandal. Blanchett did not win the award, but she did receive a standing ovation for her poise and personality in the Giorgio Armani Privé. Blanchett got even years later, winning the Best Actress Oscar in 2014 for Blue Jasmine.

Lupita Nyong’o and Calvin Klein

ANDThe fourth most luxurious dress has been worn by Lupita Nyong’o. This gala look is from Calvin Klein, the firm made this dress with more than 6,000 pearls natural stones embedded in the bust part of the dress.

Although he is very plain, Nyong’o’s skin color made him look spectacular. A lovely contrast. The cut of the dress is Greek style in pearl or bone colorwith pronounced neckline and in the back sported a crossing of lines that finished off on his lower back.

Nyong’o at the eighty-seventh ceremony, was not nominated but her outfit was enough to attract all eyes: at that time there was no more beautiful person in the world than Nyong’o and her Calvin Klein dress. Lupita looked so on point like when he debuted in Star Wars Episode VII “The awakening of the force” where he gave voice and motion capture for the character of Maz Kanata.

Kate Winslet and Valentino

The fifth important dress in this story was that of Kate WinsletIn 2017, she walked the Oscars carpet in a straight-cut Valentino with a little flare at the bottom. The type of fabric was chiffon and it only accentuated the actress’s chest and shoulders.

Kate Winlest attended the 2017 ceremony to be a spectatorthat occasion had no nomination. But that was the least of it: he won the spotlight for his beauty wrapped in a unique pastel aqua dress. Unusual color tone for a red carpet. Of course, over the years that trend has changed and now what is seen the most are pastel tones.

The show that year after year gives us the oscars red carpet is so exciting like when a creative of our nationality is nominated.

We remain attentive to every detail, in these awards nothing is the least of itfrom the presenter, to how they dress and who wins are a fusion of show and history.

The Oscars are about waste of glamor and illusion of how unattainable the stars become when parading in their beautiful outfits.

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