Osteoarthritis of the knee: causes, symptoms and treatment

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 80% of people over 65 suffer from osteoarthritis (or osteoarthritis)a disease that primarily affects the knees and can have a significant impact on quality of life.

To better understand this condition and explore treatment options, in the attached video, we chat with Katherine Campbell, a physical therapist with extensive experience treating osteoarthritis.

One of the first questions we ask is the origin of osteoarthritis of the knee. Campbell explains to us what are the causes of this condition and whether there are risk factors that increase its occurrence, as well as the age at which it occurs most often.

During the interview, the specialist also clarifies common doubts, such as the difference between wear and tear of the knee joint and osteoarthritis, as well as the connection of the latter with obesity.

In addition, we explore the characteristic symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee, which include pain, stiffness, deformity, and loss of function in the affected joint.

To alleviate these symptoms, Campbell offers a series of recommended exercises and stresses the importance of taking extra care to prevent knee injury requiring surgery.

For more information, you can contact Katherine Campbell at 4010-0682 or visit Campbell Comprehensive Medical Center social media.


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