Osvaldo Ríos continues trying to get Shakira’s attention

Who is Osvaldo Ríos Alonso?Despite the fact that many have repeatedly heard that Osvaldo Ríos is talked about in the Media or even on social networks, the artistic career of the man born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, on October 25, 1960 has not been as successful as his short, but very notorious love affair with the Barranquillera singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and businesswoman, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

The relationship between Osvaldo Ríos and Shakira was short, but significant Taken from social networks @shakira and @osvaldoriosalonso

The actor, singer, film executive producer, social activist and humanitarian missionary has been in the eye of the hurricane these days after the rumor that he composed for him and then gave Shakira permission to use a verse that says “I want to be your firmament. From your mouth a song, from your wings will always be the wind “, that appears in the song ‘No Creo’, released in 1998 on the celebrity’s second album: Danger.

The couple had a romance in 1997, when the superstar was only 20 years old and he was 37, this caused a lot of fury and criticism at the time, even more so, because it was rumored that Ríos had a reputation for “hanging” on success and recognition. of their partners.

The businessman clarified in the middle of his participation in the reality show the house of celebrities that the love between artists came to an end, not because of some negative factor, but rather because of the difference in ages, lifestyles, and careers. Now, With the commotion that has occurred in Shakira’s life after her break with former soccer player Gerard Piqué, the Puerto Rican did not miss the opportunity and returned to detail memories of what was his short, but very significant love affair with the world-class artist.

During his participation in the digital program gossip not likeasserted that he was the “great love” of the singer and according to RCN news During his interview on the aforementioned program, he stated that: One treasures what has been beautiful and it is very difficult to let someone go, especially when the lack of love was not the reason, but to wish them well and that they become that great artist.”.

Some of Shak’s loyal fans claim that Ríos was one of those people from her inner circle who ended up on the best of terms with her, The actor stressed that when there are inconveniences, problems or grudges between two people who love each other, verses or poems dedicated to the couple are not sent.

Despite the fact that her love life has not been one of the best experiences, not everything is resentment and revenge in the sentimental relationships of the Colombian, because there are people for whom she cares and admires, the perfect example is the case of Osvaldo Rioswho was his partner long before the Spanish athlete Gerard Piqué and the Argentine lawyer, image consultant and businessman Antonio de la Rua.

Although this union did not last long, it had the necessary intensity for the woman from Barranquilla to always refer in good terms to that love experience, something that keeps Osvaldo very calm.

Painful and critical situations have served Shakira as an inspiration to create, she herself assures before the traditional and digital media that her art has served her as a form of catharsis and this has led her to consolidate herself as one of the most important Latin artists to date. world level reaping successes after their ruptures, since from those experiences and through their 33 years of professional career several albums and singles have been born thatthat they have not only known how to heal the interpreter but also her fans, helping them cure those ills of love with art.

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