“Our country has failed us!”: the defense of Katy Perry who broke down in tears during an audition for “American Idol”

Katy Perry starred in an emotional moment in the middle of a recent audition for the talent show American Idolwhere he is sworn.

The artist was moved to tears by the testimony of a young participant who confessed to being a survivor of a school shooting.

Trey Louis, 21, delighted the audience by performing the song “Stone”, and when he finished, he told the reasons why he decided to appear on the show.

“I come from Santa Fe, Texas and in May 2018 a shooter entered my school, I was in art room number 2 and he shot in room two,” said the young man.

“I lost a lot of friends, eight students were killed, two teachers too, and I really became a negative man. Santa Fe passed her the most since 2018, ″she continued.

“You didn’t have to lose eight friends”

After a brief silence, Katy Perry covered her eyes with her hands and burst into tears. “What are you doing?” Her colleagues asked her.

“Our country has failed us, that’s not right, you should be singing because you love the music not because you had to go through that shit, you didn’t have to lose eight friends, I hope you remind people that we have to change because, you know It also scares me, we have to change”.

watch the moment here

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