“Our country has failed us”

Katy Perry is one of the stars of the ‘American Idol’ jury, in charge of assessing the auditions of those artists who seek an opportunity in the world on the famous program.

But, in addition to judging the scenic skills of each applicant in their discipline, the members of the expert jury know first-hand the personal stories of the contestants. And, in the case of this young musician from Texas who has gone viral, his past moved the famous singer, and a lot.

Trey Louis performed an emotional version of Whiskey Myers ‘Stone’ and he stood up to the jury that gave even more free rein to his emotions when the boy began to give details of his past and origin.

Trey is one of the survivors of the Santa Fe High School shooting, which occurred in 2018 in the Texan town of the same name and killed 10 people.

Victim of the Santa Fe shooting, which resulted in 10 deaths

«In May 2018 an armed man entered the school. I was in Art Room 1 and he showed up in Room 2…and before he got to 1 I lost a bunch of friends. Eight students were killed. Two teachers were killed. And Santa Fe has had a bad reputation since this happened,” said the aspiring singer.

Automatically, Perry burst into tears and reflected deeply on the scourge of school shootings in the United States, which in 2022 amounted to 51 and left 40 dead -32 of them students- and 100 injured.

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“Our country has failed us, dammit. This is not OK. You should be singing here because you love music, not because you had to go through that fucking shit. You don’t have to lose eight friends. I hope you remind people that we have to change, because you know what, I’m scared too,” said Katy Perry, in a video that she herself shared on her Twitter and that has reached 2.5 million people.

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