Smoking is linked to an increased risk of depression and bipolar disorder: three theories to explain it

Although cigarette packs display warnings about lung disease and other health issues, it is still important to be aware of the link between smoking and mental illness (Getty) A long time ago, the cigarette was an inevitable companion of movie characters, and in films and advertising, even in hospitals, doctors smoked. However, we have known … Read more

“Alexis Sanchez will prove to be Inzaghi’s most accomplished player”

Kit The former defender analyzed Tocopigliano’s arrival at Inter Milan and the challenge he would have to win the starting shirt. “It’s a good challenge for him and he’ll show he’s still valid in Europe,” he told RedGol. TO Patrick Eshag Updated 07.09.2023 — 11:39 CLT Updated 07.09.2023 — 11:39 CLT ©Getty Images.Alexis toured Italy … Read more

The Autonomous University of Barcelona claims that the number of students suffering from anxiety and stress has “tripled”.

The Service for Inclusion (PIUNE) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) found that counseling students with pictures of anxiety and stress “tripled” in the last three or four years. At a meeting with reporters this Thursday, UAB Secretary General and Head of Equality Policy Esther Sapater assured that “the number of inquiries from students … Read more

Nathaniel Sanchez clarifies that he does not suffer from depression: “It seems that they really want to see me”

Nathaniel Sanchez clarifies that he does not suffer from depression. Instagram/@natanielsanchezv Nathaniel Sanchez He used his social media to vehemently deny that he was dealing with depression. Actress known for her role as Fernanda de las Casas in the TV seriesThere’s a place in the backgroundHe expressed his annoyance to the media, who speculated about … Read more

They identify a mechanism that may improve the effect of chemotherapy in brain tumors.

The paper, published in the journal Cancers, aims to try to improve the medical approach to cancer, which affects five out of every 100,000 adults worldwide every year and for which there is still no effective therapy. “Our work suggests that glioblastoma cells produce a peptide (derived from mitochondria) called humanin in response to chemotherapy. … Read more

Luis Diaz was nominated for the best result of the month in the Premier League for his goal against Bournemouth.

Shortly after making his South American qualifying debut for Colombia, Luis Diaz received great news from England as, as Liverpool posted on their social media, the peasant was nominated for August’s Premier League Goal of the Year. The Colombian entered the fray for important recognition by scoring a superb goal against Bournemouth. On the right … Read more

Health and wellness. Fibromyalgia risk increases in obese women, study says

A study conducted by the European Medical Institute for Obesity (IMEO) among 112 obese patients found that almost half of the female patients suffer from fibromyalgia, a chronic disease characterized by constant muscle and tendon pain, general fatigue, and sleep disturbances. or mood disorders among other symptoms. ten years ago research Mayo Clinic He observed … Read more

MONEY that Saudi Arabia has invested in this pass market

transfers The Arabs managed to make a very important investment. However, they were not the dominant league. TO Franco Rossi 09/07/2023 – 08:48 CST Benzema and Neymar have had great market success – Getty Images/SPECIAL After so many years of European rule, it seems that elite football players began to move to Saudi Arabia. And … Read more