The federation has a monopoly on vaccination: Baeza

Chihuahua.- Given the problems the state is facing due to shortages of vaccines such as BCG and BY Hepatitis Triple Bacterial Hepatitis (DPT), Health Minister Gilberto Baeza has accused the federal government of maintaining a monopoly that prevents the state from purchasing biologics and creating vaccination campaigns. because suppliers do not have enough doses or … Read more

Canada is warning its tourists to exercise “a high degree of caution” when traveling to Cuba.

The Canadian government has issued a warning to its travelers to Cuba asking them to “exercise a high degree of caution”. when visiting the island due to a “shortage of basic commodities, including food, medicine and fuel” and the risk of being robbed and sexually harassed. According to the Cuban tourism policy update published on … Read more

France Football announces Ballon d’Or nominees

The most important individual trophy in the world of football. finally met with the list of candidates for victory in the so-called “Golden Ball”Magazine French footballresponsible for hosting the awards ceremony, announced the nominees for this award. Through their social networks, an outstanding sports magazine revealed the nominees one by one take “Golden Ball” in … Read more

complex disease requiring accurate diagnosis and timely treatment

Pancreatitis is a disease that affects the pancreas, an important organ in the digestive system. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes that help break down proteins, fats, and sugars. It also plays a critical role in regulating blood sugar levels and controlling gastrointestinal motility. However, when these enzymes are activated prematurely, they can cause the pancreas … Read more

Aytana, Lewandowski, Gundogan… all Barcelona’s Ballon d’Or nominees

Ivan Saint Anthony 06.09.2023 oops. at 21:52 CEST As the years go by, crises, problems, hardships and smear campaigns against FC Barcelona continue, but the club is still there, stronger than ever. This is recognized by France Football magazine, which each year presents the Ballon d’Or, the most important individual award in the world, or … Read more

EU takes a major step in the fight against hepatitis D, the most serious liver infection | Society

Pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences has made significant progress in the fight against the most dangerous of the viruses that cause hepatitis in humans, hepatitis D. The European Commission has checked the full registration license of Hepcludex (bulevirtide), the only specific treatment available. It has proven effective against this infection, which progresses to cirrhosis and cancer … Read more