Dakota Johnson appeared with a dramatic hair transformation in the form of a blonde bob haircut.

Dakota Johnson surprises the audience with a dramatic transformation, demonstrating a spectacular blonde haircut in her latest appearance. Appearance Dakota Johnson he has long been attached to his long brown hair and bangs that touch his eyes. But for her latest role, she underwent a dramatic transformation. On August 28, TeaTime Pictures, the independent entertainment … Read more

Rome vs Milan | Serie A: Where and at what time can I watch the Date 3 LIVE match today for free?

The Italian Serie A is gearing up for an exciting showdown between Roma and Milana match that promises strong emotions and will test the fitness of both teams. He Milan was one of the most outstanding teams at the beginning of the season Kit under the direction of Stefano Pioliwhile Rome from Jose Mourinho desperately … Read more

Vanessa Claudio admits she doesn’t want to be a mother anymore | VIDEO

Vanessa Claudetelevision presenter, became a social media trend after admitting in an interview that does not plan to become a mother, leaving more than one person in a state of complete shock. It was during his visit to come joy where the model opened up in front of the cameras and admitted that she no … Read more

Transfer market | The summer when La Liga lost momentum in European football and Saudi Arabia

La Liga continues to lose talent and this is one of the lessons we can draw in a market in which many teams have been forced to sell their best assets to balance the bills, and in which only Real Madrid with signing Jude Bellingham for 103 million euros and one of Arda Guler for … Read more

Featured TV Shows Coming in September

September 1 The Wheel of Time (Season 2) – Amazon Prime Video The first three episodes of the second part of this high fantasy project are now available, starring renowned British actress Rosamund Pike as a sorceress who guides a group of young people who may be the key to destroying a dangerous and prophetic … Read more

Postpartum depression: what is it, how can it be prevented, and do men suffer from it?

“Depression is a disorder that significantly affects mood, with fundamental symptoms such as sadness or an inability to enjoy,” explains Dr. José Manuel Santacruz, director of the Institute of Aging at the Pontifical University of Javeriana. “This is accompanied by sleep disturbances, negative thoughts, changes in appetite, fatigue, agitation or restlessness. postpartum depression occurs even … Read more

Forecast for the match Real Madrid. Getafe, La Liga

The last La Liga match is played before the players go with their teams to the FIFA match. Here are the predictions for this match against Real Madrid.. The transfer market in European football was officially closed this Friday, leaving Real Madrid with a lot of doubt. The team has a lot of injured players … Read more

Does type 2 diabetes affect men and women the same way? What are the differences?

Does type 2 diabetes affect men and women the same way? What are the differences? Nearly 6 million people in Spain suffer from type 2 diabetes, a condition that affects both men and women but has different consequences and development depending on the patient’s gender. Connected When we talk about type 2 diabetes, there are … Read more