It’s been 20 years since the most mysterious phrase in cinema, but Sofia Coppola has already revealed her interpretation of the ending of “Lost in Translation”

What did Bill Murray whisper to Scarlett Johansson? We will never know! Despite many promising to reveal what Bill Murray said to Scarlett Johansson in the final scene of Lost in Translation, the reality is that no one knows for sure. Theories range from declarations of love to goodbyes though Sofia Coppola clearly understands with … Read more

Smells like the Champions League! This is how the 2023-24 release groups were determined. | News from Mexico

HERMOSILO, Mexico. Hymn UEFA Champions League approaching the call, after this Thursday, August 31, groups publications 2023-24. After the final qualifiers were decided last Wednesday, the long-awaited draw was held this Thursday at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco to face eight groups from four teams Europeans. He Group F ended with the so-called “death” in … Read more

Jenna Ortega to Executive Produce Season 2

Jenna Ortegatalented actress who played the main role in the TV series “Merlin(known in English as “Wednesday”) has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Over the course of eight episodes, each approximately 50 minutes long, he wowed the global audience. Netflix, raising the series to the top preferences of subscribers around the … Read more

A superfood to help seniors prevent disease this fall

With age, bones deteriorate Caused by a lack of calcium. This is more normal for retirees and retirees, who usually have to take supplemental vitamins in order to improve bones and joints or prevent memory loss. There is a superfood unknown to many that combines all these properties. This is a little-known variety of the … Read more

In an emotional photo, Marcelo Tinelli introduced his grandmother, Maria Rosa.

Marcelo Tinelli He is one of the most enthusiastic personalities every time his return to television is discussed, and for good reason, for many years he has been in front of the screen with a format that has brought him great success and offers great opportunities. entertainment for your audience. Through his presence on television, … Read more