Comprehensive care clinics open in Huimilpan

Robert Cortez Municipality of humilpan there are already integrated care clinics, which include medical and psychiatric servicesThis was announced by the President of the municipality Juan Guzmán Cabrera. Clinics are located in the communities of Taponas, Graneno, Salitrillo, Piedras Lisas, Santa Teresa and San Antonio la Galera; however, four more will open soon. The premises … Read more

Giovanni Malago: “Lukaku? Roma are much more competitive with him; since his arrival he has generated an enthusiasm that is not easily seen elsewhere”

He never made a secret of his Catholic faith, and although the days when the game was in the first place and defined his sports program are gone, “my priority today is everything that is called Italy“says Giovanni Malago in an interview La Gazetta dello Sport . Inevitably, President Kony was also interested in the … Read more

Vitamin N, which the Japanese “take” to relieve inflammation: do you know what it is?

inflammation body is associated with a long list of diseases. Diet rich anti-inflammatory foods, regular exercise, stress reduction, smoking cessation and good sleep. are well-known healthy lifestyle habits that are key to reducing inflammation. But there are other factors that are not, at least in the West, that are part of the anti-inflammatory puzzle that … Read more

Real Madrid last-minute acquisition: Ramos, Bale…

Since 2002, up to eight players have signed with the white team on the last day of trading. Ronaldo, Ramos, Bale or Camavinga are some of these last-minute pairings. As in other years The Major Leagues have again agreed that the end of the summer transfer market will be extended by one more day, until … Read more

Saudi League: Al Ittihad – Al Hilal Live

Update Good night everybody!! Welcome to the fifth round of the Saudi Arabian Pro League. Starting from 20:00, we are waiting for an exciting duel between two teams that have not yet known defeat in this start of the competition. Al-Ittihad and Al-Hilal argue about one of the Asian country’s classics. The clubs of Benzema … Read more

The 3 most common pet diseases and how to prevent them

Sylvia Urena | Friday, September 1, 2023, 10:30 am Health problems related to the skin, gastrointestinal system, and viruses have become the three most common diseases in pets, especially dogs and cats, causing growing concern among owners about how to prevent them and what to do about them. to avoid. Read more: Learn how … Read more