COVID-19: HEALTH CARE DISCLAIMS WHATSAPP NETWORK WITH FAKE INFORMATION The Provincial Health Portfolio asks the community to stop such chains and only receive information through official health channels and the provincial government. The Chaco Ministry of Health denies reports of viral WhatsApp messages about the “new variant of COVID-Omicron XBB” and asks the community to … Read more

Campo de Gibraltar Kindergartens will open their doors this Friday, with 18% of places not covered yet.

September begins with the beginning of the course for the youngest, that is, for children under 3 years old. After the holidays this Friday Campo de Gibraltar Kindergartens opened their doors to 1425 small regions that confirmed their registration by June. The Ministry of Education Development proposed for this course 1737 seats in the Campo … Read more

A single blood test to detect immune cells present months before influenza infection can predict symptoms. Molecular diagnostic analysis.

Image: Immune cells appear long before infection predicts flu symptoms (photo courtesy of For decades, if not centuries, scientists have tried to unravel the mystery of why some people get infections while others remain unaffected. In an impressive achievement, the researchers were able to measure various immunological parameters from a single blood sample and … Read more

Day 4 Highlights – Match Tennis

An overview of the highlights of the fourth day of the US Open 2023. I want to study in the USA on a sports scholarship: Click here Another day has finally come to an end US Open 2023nevertheless, after the triumph of Daniil Medvedev and after that, it is time to take … Read more

Colds, digestive problems and heat stroke

Colds, indigestion and heatstroke, typical summer illnesses.Gregory Marrero People tend to think that coughs and sneezes are something to do with winter and that it is impossible to catch a cold in temperatures above 30 degrees. However,l colds, as well as intestinal disorders and heat strokeare among the most common diseases during summer months. “Colds … Read more