Paloma Wool approaches the “real world” with her second show in Paris

Paris, 28 Feb. The Spanish designer Paloma Lanna, creator of the successful brand on social networks Paloma Wool, took another step this Tuesday in the consolidation of her brand outside of Instagram, the network that saw her succeed, with a collection with which she points to a older client.

The show took place at the Bastille Design Center, a 19th-century industrial building converted into a performance and events venue, where Wool kicked off with a performance that mimicked the atmosphere behind the scenes.

The models, who appeared from the start with clips in their hair and in their underwear, were getting dressed and preparing to parade, while the rest of the cast came out of the authentic “backstage”.

In the collection, knitwear was seen with that sensual twist that characterizes the brand and that has attracted models and singers such as Dua Lipa, Rosalía or Kendall Jenner in recent years.

A wool cap, hood type, becomes a top tied to the chest; a knit strapless dress can be a top and a skirt, and a turtleneck jumper becomes a sensual top, being crossed and completely open at the back.

“I try to find the balance between the feminine and the masculine. I have an obsession when I get dressed and it is that it feels like I haven’t spent much time preparing the outfit,” Lanna told EFE at the end of the show.

That obsession was transmitted on the catwalk, always in search of a balance between effortless fashion and styling, in fact, very elaborate.

The firm, which has defended local production since its creation in 2014, continues to manufacture its knitwear in Catalonia, where there is a strong knitting industry.

Also the shoes, ballerinas with toecaps and low heels, and boots with a square toe, as if rescued from our mothers’ closet, were nationally produced.

The designer came out to say hello with her three-month-old baby, also dressed in a sweater from the brand. A line that, for the moment, it does not plan to exploit commercially and that remains in family use, although it has already had some requests.

Lanna, daughter of the creators of the Nice Things brand, held her first fashion show in Paris in September, in parallel to the opening of a pop-up store that was in the French capital for more than a month.

In Paris, she feels surrounded, loved and supported by a “very beautiful” community.

“I have seen familiar faces when leaving, I feel super welcome”, commented the designer, who was accompanied among the guests by local designers, also emerging from social networks, such as the French Jeanne Damas, creator of the Rouje brand.

Now, she hopes to open her first store in Barcelona soon and continue testing the experience of pop-up stores in new cities, outside of her own universe that is Instagram and that Paloma Wool has already managed to conquer. EFE


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