Pan Comido, a delicious plant-based menu to enjoy and take care of your health

This restaurant is Mexico City’s benchmark for healthy and sustainable gastronomy, with menus including burgers, hot dogs, cakes, enchiladas, pastas, bowls, salads and even tacos made with soy or other plants.

Mexico City, July 16 (However) – If you are looking for very tasty and healthy food, in addition to caring for the planet and animals, Pan Comido is a great place, as it has burgers, tacos and dishes. with lots of flavor, all without meat, especially for vegetarians, vegans or people who want to stop eating meat or reduce their consumption.

The days when salad seemed like the only option for those who didn’t want to eat meat or animal protein may be long gone. This restaurant has more than ten years of history, it is a project made with great love and dedication. When they started their menu it consisted of burgers and cakes, food eaten by hand and simply, without pretensions – hence their name – little by little they added more options and today they even have a vegan tacos offer.

On the menu, some dishes bear the name of a famous person who is a vegetarian or vegan, for example: Brad Pitt, this dish consists of 5 tempeh meatballs stuffed with bananas in chipotle sauce; Juliet Venegas enchiladas, Zac Efron burger, Natalie Portman enchiladas, Joaquin Phoenix pasta or Leonardo DiCaprio burger cooked with NotMeat (vegetable based) gratin with yellow cheese or vegan cheese, special dressing, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion .

Now they have tacos on the menu, there are 6 vegan tacos: pastor (traditional taco but made with soy), vegambre (mixture of carnitas with seitan, peppers and onions), suadero (delicious taco made with seitan), campechano (“suadero , chorizo ​​and milanesa with a hint of spice), birria (birria mushroom) and ensenada (weathered cauliflower). You can also order a quesabirria (mushroom birria with breaded oaxaca or vegan cheese), vulcan suadero (mushroom suadero with breaded oaxaca or vegan cheese), or pastor.

Recommendation Terrestrial It is to try tacos al pastor and tacos ensenada, a delight, also on the menu there is aguachile with green mushrooms, which is prepared with mushrooms, cremini and mushrooms, mango, cucumber, onion, with a touch of grilled habanero.

At Pan Comido, furniture is reused: their tables and chairs are made from recycled wood, their bars are made with doors, they have salvaged floors from old houses, they make compost and, interestingly, they get glass jars (like mayonnaise). or jam) and they use them when we go to help the environment, besides the eggs they use in the dishes are from free-range chickens and all their bread is sourdough.

Pan Comido has two branches in Mexico City, one at Calle Tonalá no. 91, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc and the other at Leibnitz no. 117, Anzures.

Nancy Chavez

The journalist graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), editor of the supplement to the magazine dedicated to culture, entertainment, gastronomy, travel and current affairs.

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