Paramount+: ‘Yellowjackets 2’ and South Park top the list of most outstanding releases for March

Paramount+ subscribers will be pleased with this streaming service in March, as this 2023 comes highly anticipated big premieres, including the second season of yellowjackets and the new episodes of South Park.

In addition, original productions such as Rabbit Hole, the new series by Kiefer Sutherland. This production follows a private espionage agent, starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, who play two musicians from country and western.

Below we leave 5 of the most outstanding titles for this month:

South ParkMarch 10th

A new season with chaotic episodes of South Park arrives at Paramount+, along with Eric, Kenny, Kyle and Stan. Given the irreverence that characterizes the series, anything can happen around these elementary school students and the people around them.

smileMarch 16

On March 16 it arrives on the platform smile. This film tells the story of a doctor who, after witnessing a strange and traumatic incident involving a patient, begins to experience terrifying events that she cannot explain. As fear begins to affect every aspect of her life, she will be forced to confront her troubled past in order to survive and escape her terrifying new reality.

flat for two (The Flatshare), March 17

flat for two follows the story of two penniless twenty-somethings who share an apartment. Tiffy Moore urgently needs a cheap flat, while Leon Twomey works nights and is short of money. His friends think they are crazy, both think they have found the ideal solution: during the day Leon uses the bed while Tiffy is in the office and she has the apartment the rest of the time.

The only way they will be able to find out about their roommate’s life will be through notes, which will make each of them unexpectedly attracted to the other’s messy and complex life. The question is, can they really fall in love?

yellowjackets March 2, 24

yellowjackets is an epic story of survival, psychological horror, and on the other hand, a coming-of-age drama. The series is about a team of female soccer players who survive a plane crash deep in the desert. The series chronicles the descent of a complicated but prosperous team into savage clans as they try to trace the lives they have tried to rebuild 25 years later.

Given its success, and after the intense end of the first season, the women’s soccer team will return for a second season.

Rabbit HoleMarch 27th

In Rabbit Hole: Lying Game Nothing is what it seems, especially when a master of deception, belonging to the world of corporate espionage, is accused of a murder by forces capable of influencing and controlling populations.

In this way, the drama takes place in the midst of a battle for the preservation of democracy, a political system that tries to survive in a world full of misinformation, manipulation of behavior and interests that control extraordinary powers.

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