Patricia Bullrich supported yesterday’s city police operation at the Obelisk.

Presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich supported the Obelisk crackdown. (REUTERS/Matias Baglietto)

Presidential Candidate for “Together for Change” Patricia Bullrichdefended his rival in the custody of the opposition PASO Horacio Rodriguez Larretafor the police operation at the Obelisk, and stated that the protester’s death “was not a murder” Facundo Molares Schoenfeldwho died at the age of 47 during his arrest.

Seems to be OK“, – this is how the oppositionist described the actions of the police. “At some point, there was a danger due to a fire that was (in the Obelisk area), and In this situation, the police acted normally.“, he added in his last report before the election ban.

According to Bullrich, Molares was “a man who was ill” and that his death was “accepted political assassinationopponents of “Together for Change” in the political and social sectors. “He’s a dead man who had health problems and they want to impose this on the government (of Buenos Aires) and the Buenos Aires City Police,” he added.

Following the official version of the government of Buenos Aires, the presidential candidate spoke about the activist’s medical history. She recalled that during her tenure as Minister of National Security, she intervened in the detention of Molares and other Argentines in violation of the institutional and democratic order in Bolivia in 2019. At the time, the gunman was in the country doing journalistic coverage until he was shot three times in the Bolivian town Hunter. He was in an induced coma for 23 days and left with sequelae, including loss of 80% of vision in his right eye.

“He appeared in the jungle with a very severe illness. He was in intensive care, ”said Bullrich about the state of health of Molares.

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SENSITIVE IMAGES. How did the incidents at the Obelisk happen?

Following this sequence, a member of the Popular Uprising group was detained for 13 months on charges of terrorism. He returned to the country at the end of 2020, and in November 2021 was arrested in Patagonia and transferred to the Ezeiza prison to face extradition to Colombia for his youth participation in the FARC guerrillas. He was released in May 2022 after Colombia’s Special Peace Jurisdiction rejected an extradition request.

“He was imprisoned in Ezeiza. I have a report of a life-threatening acute pancreatitis. They want to involve the government of the city of Buenos Aires and the police; everyone saw that he was arrested and he had a heart attack, ”Bullrich insisted.

six militants from the organization “People’s Uprising”arrested yesterday during a police operation against a protest at the Obelisk were eventually released at dawn.

These organizations, along with many other left-wing political, social and human rights groups, called today for a march at the Obelisk to protest the Buenos Aires City Police operation that resulted in the death of Molares Schoenfeld.

Facundo Molares, militant who died yesterday during the repression at the Obelisk (La Izquierda Diario)

These sectors blame the leadership of Rodriguez Larreta for this. Footage of the police operation shows a group of protesters being detained by troops, laid face down on the ground and pressed with their bodies against uniformed officers. journalist Susana Mareskaone of the people who recorded the footage warned of the critical condition of Molares, who was among those detained.

“Everything was purple. I start yelling for him to turn it over (to Molares). Some time passed, they turned it around. For me, he had already passed away, he had a heart attack, his eyes were turned outward, burst. It took about ten minutes because no one knew how to help him. We started yelling for an ambulance until a police officer came and started helping him, and it obviously didn’t work,” Maresca said in public statements.

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