Pedro Pascal and the origin of his memes that will make you love ‘The Last of Us’ madly

We know, ‘The Last of Us’ is loved by many in large part for the performance of the actor Peter Pascalwho along with Bella Ramsey It has become popular for its interpretation and, in part, for the use of a very famous meme: Pedro Pascal laughing and crying.

Who is Pedro Pascal?

We are talking about the Latino actor of the moment who in the series ‘The Last of Us’ plays the character of joelwhich is already a success among the audience and also with critics.

In fact, Pascal’s participation in this series is not by chance, as he has vast experience in both film and television and is one of the best-known faces in the science fiction and action genres.

What are the Pedro Pascal memes?

As for the meme we are talking about, it is one in which you can see Pedro Pascal laughing In the first moment; However, from one moment to another you can appreciate it crying.

This meme is usually used on social networks to contrast apparently funny or happy situations that suddenly become sad or unfortunate.

In another meme, Pascal appears kissing a photograph and has been used to describe situations of niche tastes.

What is the origin of the crying Pedro Pascal meme?

The origin of this meme corresponds to a recording set of the series “The Mandalorian” from the Disney Plus platform.

In this series, Pascal is known as The protector And, at a certain point in the test recording, the Chilean actor was moved while acting, so the cameras showed the moment when he cried.

This test recording was carried out through a theatrical piece called I, my ruination and through the platform Zoom.

Pedro Pascal was reading the script, which is the testimony of the filmmaker Elia Kazan in front of the Anti-American Activities Committee, when they were looking for the communists at that time.

The reading of Pedro Pascal took place in front of Paul Giamatti and in one of the scenes, the character of the Chilean actor was drunk, so he experienced an emotional collapse of crying and laughing at the same time.

Everybody hates you but I love you

As for the other famous Pascal meme, it involves a scene from the movie’Kingsman: The Golden Circle‘ in which he says: “Everybody hates you, but I love you.” At that moment, Pascal kisses a Polaroid-type photograph.

Everything happens when the character Harry Hartplayed by American actor Colin Fith shoots the agent in the eye whiskeyplayed by Pedro Pascal and who is the famous protagonist of the controversial meme.

After that scene, Agent Wiskey is transferred to the hospital where he survives after the shot, after what happened he forgets everything that happened, that’s when the doctor shows the agent a photograph of his wife, who was murdered by some drug addicts.

This is how Agent Wiskey manages to remember everything that has happened and it is when we can see the controversial scene about the famous meme that we have shared hundreds of times.

And although many of us believed that the text was included in the tape, the reality is that it was not, since the phrase “Everyone hates you but I love you” may have been added by the creator of this meme.

This is how Pedro Pascal’s career began

Pascal’s career began when he moved with his family to New York in 1993, and it was in the Big Apple where he developed his talent by enrolling in the Tisch School of the Arts, where other celebrities such as ethan hawke, elizabeth olsen and Anne Hathaway.

His first opportunities came thanks to television, with series like Buffy the Slayer, Touch by an Angel and NYPD Blue.

In which movies and series has Pedro Pascal appeared?

Pedro Pascal’s film and television career is extensive, science fiction and action projects have become his hallmark.

After participating in highly relevant series such as Law and order and The MentalistHis great moment of international recognition came in Game of Thrones, where he participated for seven seasons; while in the Mexican series, Narcos played Javier Peña; in The Mandalorian he was in charge of giving life to the Mandalorian, a project that earned him a Critics Choice Awards nomination in 2021.

His most recent project, The Last of Us, has catapulted him back into global conversations.

As for the cinema, Pedro Pascal has also accumulated various successes, such as his interpretation of Whiskey in The Kingsman: The Golden Circle; as well as Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984.

What country is Pedro Pascal from?

Pedro Pascal was born in Santiago de Chile, Chilion April 2, 1975.

Pedro Pascal was in Game of Thrones

The Chilean was in charge of giving life to Oberyn Martellbetter known as ‘The Red Viper‘ during season 4 of game of Thrones. His character becomes relevant when Tyron Lannister is accused of murdering King Joeffrey Baratheon. It is Martell who defends Lannister from the accusations and, although his character was widely accepted due to his vibrant personality, he had one of the most impressive deaths in the series.

Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us

With The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal has managed to expand his talent, as the series is one of the most ambitious video game adaptations ever released.

Premiering on HBO Max in January 2023, the actor quickly won over with his lead role as Joel Miller, a man who becomes a bloodthirsty smuggler after the death of his daughter.

When the fungus pandemic that characterizes the story of The Last of Us breaks out, Joel must protect Ellie, a young woman who is a key player in finding clues about immunity to the virus. Currently, the HBO Max production has confirmed its second season.

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