Pharrell Williams has a beauty brand we can all use

Against all odds, Pharrell Williams is named the new creative director of Louis Vuitton, replacing Virgil Abloh who died in November 2021. What few know is that in addition to his fascination with fashion and music, the American rapper is also a lover of music. skin carewhich led him to found his own beauty brand.

Although Pharell has not been the only famous experimenter in the world beautywell celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez or Millie Bobby Brown have also launched their own lines, there is something that distinguishes Williams from the rest of the competition: creating a brand totally sustainable and above all, inclusive for all. Get to know her thoroughly!

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What is the name of Pharrell Williams’ beauty brand?

His name is human race and was released in 2020 by the artist. Since then, one of his main values ​​is based on the racial diversity. Its mission is to empower all people in their pursuit of well-being.

‘There is no universal plan for well-being. There is no rule book. Each human being should feel empowered to follow their own path towards a enhanced mind, body and soul‘, points out the singer next to the promotional image of his firm.

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Humanrace, as its name says, seeks the inclusion of all through vegan products.

According to the information that can be read on his website, the products are based on experiences from Pharrell’s own wellness journey over the years, with the belief that ‘taking better care of ourselves can teach us to take better care of each other‘.

What are the best Humanrace products?

The company began by offering a basic three-step facial care routine that included a rice powder-based cleanser, a lotus enzyme exfoliator, and a moisturizing cream based on Japanese snow mushrooms and hyaluronic acid.

As you can see, their products stand out for having vegan ingredients and free of fragrances, with a minimalist presentation in which the color green is the focus.

In 2022, human race expanded into the body care sector with an offering of cleansing body bars, which feature a soap-free formula (although it performs the same cleansing functions).

What makes this product special is that it does not strip the skin of its natural oils, something that confirms that your brand always tries to take care of the skin’s nature without altering it.


One of its bars is an energy channel, ideal for the night. A whole wellness boost!

Where to get the Pharrel Williams Humanrace brand?

The line beauty of pharrell williams It is available for online purchases from its website. Products are sold separately or in a package of three at a reduced price.

Definitely, human race is a line of skin care very complete that balances and hydrates the skin, and the best thing is that we can all use it equally! Will you make a space for it in your beauty collection?

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