PHOTOS: BLACKPINK’s Lisa is said to have kissed a woman at Coachella and this is proof

k-pop singer Lalisa Manobanbetter known as Lisa from BLACKPINKsparked controversy on social media after a photo was leaked of him allegedly appearing with a woman who kiss at the festival coachella which took place in April last year. Given this, the fandom called FLASHING He was surprised because they can’t believe the Thai rapper was with a woman.

Although her followers support the Thai artist’s decisions, many believe that the photo in which she appears with a woman allegedly belongs to her. kiss it does not verify that it actually happened. In addition, they assure that the only person he hugged at a musical event was his partner. Rose.

Lisa is currently single. (Credits: Facebook/BLACKPINK)

What is the evidence that Lisa kissed a woman?

Through Instagram, the user identified himself as @amandacoxrox assured that the rapper and maknae BLACKPINKLalisa, would kiss an older woman at the latest edition of the music festival coachella. In one of her stories, the girl posted a photo in which smooth appears next to the alleged woman.

In the photo, a woman with green eyes and brown hair is seen next to the youngest member of the girl band. Although her age is unknown, it is clear that she is older than Thai. “My best memory was when you (the woman in the photo) you kissed with Lisa at Coachella,” the netizen explained.

This is the woman who allegedly kissed Lisa. (Credits: Instagram / @amandacoxrox)

Did a woman really kiss BLACKPINK’s Lisa?

Although he didn’t elaborate on how the alleged kiss between smooth and a woman, many Thai fans believe that it could only be Kiss on my cheekbut others think there’s a chance it was in mouth. “So Lisa has a SHUGA MOMMY”, “The girl said that they kissed each other on the lips in front of her eyes”, “I think that the one who posted the photo is the daughter of the woman who kissed our Lalisa” and “How come on, Lisa kissed a woman, context,” BLINKS responded on Twitter.

On the other hand, they said that the only person kissed by the translator of “MONEY” and “LALISA” was her partner. RoseWell, there is evidence on social media that the two hugged and kissed at a music event that took place last April.

Rosé hugs Lisa. (Credits: Twitter/@lvsjjrl)

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