PHOTOS | He is the man that BLACKPINK’s Lisa wants as a boyfriend and few people know

K-pop star Lisa from BLACKPINKestablished herself as one of the finest singers of her generation, she is also known for her style of dress and her ability to dance, as she is considered one of the vertex Inside girl group. For this reason, many people tend to want go with herbut the reality is that it single woman for a long time

BLACKPINK Lisa has a boyfriend?

According to their fans, girls from BLACKPINK They are not allowed to have a partner, but the truth is that one of them had my friend or at least was involved in rumors about betrothal. Despite this, Lalisa Manoban, known as smoothhave not been in any attitudealthough you mentioned that you would like to be in one of them.

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Who is Lalisa’s ideal type?

In fact, he once said that he would like to meet a South Korean actor. Gong Yoo, who is known for his participation in series such as “The Squid Game” or “Goblin”. In addition, he expressed a desire to ask for an autograph or be photographed next to him, as he considers him the man of her dreams.

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“Honestly, Gong Yoo is also my ideal type. I saw ‘Goblin’ with Rose and was ecstatic,” said the rapper and maknae of the K-Pop group, who was very shy about revealing her ideal type.

(Photo: Netflix)

What did Gong Yoo say about the maknae’s comment?

For his part, the “Train to Busan” actor was very excited to learn that at least three girls from BLACKPINK They find it attractive. In fact, he explained that he gave an autograph smooth and wished her all the best in her career as a singer, as it undoubtedly encouraged her greatly.

(Photo: Netflix)


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