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Selena Gomez is one of the youngest businesswomen in the United States and by launching her makeup brand rare beauty his popularity increased to scales capital lettersHowever, thinking that she owns a cosmetics brand, one would think that she constantly uses these accessories for her facebut the opposite occurs.

And it is that the interpreter of “Hands to Myself” has been crowned as the queen of the natural beauty, Well, not once, not twice, in several occasions He has shared photos on his Instagram account that show that the actress is also beautiful with and without make-up.

The artist with more than 400 million followers let her fans see her with a clean face without paintrecently shared a photograph in which she is shown sometimes with imperfections but without a single drop of makeup, with her hair in waves and smiling straight ahead in a capture as selfies.

The interpreter has always been praised for her beauty

The American singer, who through the documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me” about his life revealed that he suffered from various diseasesbetween them lupus and Bipolar disorder She has always shown herself sincerely before her fans, an action that they have applauded, since she has shown that behind the famous artist worldthere is a human being with a ordinary life.

It was during his childhoodwhen the pop artist began to create insecurities because it started work since childhood in the industry and lived thinking that women should have a stereotype, which made her think that she did not fit in, since her Latino profile believed that she was far from looking like girls Hollywoodians.

She has used different looks that highlight her beauty

But various experiences in her life made her realize that she was not on the wrong path, she simply needed to attend to her mental health to be able to understand what was happening to him, so later and since his relationship with the also star ended Justin Bieberthe singer began to shine with her own lux thanks to her successes and fans of all the world.

The singer wants her fans to get to know her naturally

that’s why today shows itself naturallyrevealing the beauty that she has on the outside but also inside, and that is what her makeup brand is about, accompanying the differences that each woman has and highlighting the features that they make them different.


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