Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos, separate vacation

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For several days now, the press has been speculating that between the TV presenter, Pilar Rubioand her husband Sergio Ramos. The fact is that the question of his re-signing has revolutionized the family, who left everything in Madrid two years ago to follow him when he joined PSG in France.

Rumors of a crisis between Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos continue. Source: (Twitter)

Anyway, footballer bouquets He is experiencing an uncertain future regarding his new contract, so it is not known how the fate of his family will turn out. Nevertheless, Pillar She is still immersed in all her working projects on television, where she is not only a co-author, but also a host.

Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos are further apart than ever. Source: (Instagram)

Let’s remember that Blonde despite the fact that she lived in Paris for two years, she manages to attend ‘Anthill’to record a reality show, ‘Makeup begins’, be part of the program’competitionand fulfill their role in ‘The best‘ from Telemadrid. And now, in addition, she was on vacation with two older children, without a husband., Sergio.

Pilar Rubio went on vacation without Sergio Ramos. Source: (Instagram)

Pilar Rubio’s vacation without Sergio Ramos

The latter may be due to the fact that things in between Sergio and his wife are somewhat complex, as has been heard for several days. And what’s more Blonde traveled to the province of Lugo to take part in the Resurrection Fest dedicated to punk, metal and hardcore music.. In addition, in this city, the communicator took the opportunity to visit friends with whom she was very comfortable.

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