Plastic Surgery: Precautions and Risks to Consider from a Professional’s Perspective

Silvina Luna, the famous actress, died Thursday at the age of 43 after years of battling chronic kidney disease caused by negligent cosmetic treatment in 2010. This case caused a serious disqualification in the field of cosmetic surgery. Sergio Korzin, Vice President of the Society Plastic surgery from Buenos Aires, performed in MDZ Radio and argued that “we cannot blame the specialty itself. First, we must separate doctors who are properly trained from those who are not.”

“Unfortunately in Argentina aesthetics is becoming more and more popular and there is a world of inappropriate, untrained professionals who dedicate themselves to non-invasive aesthetics without any training. The specialty is allowed by the National Public Health, but after that there are no specific ones. We must remind people to choose very carefully who will treat them, and that they should not be ashamed to ask what qualifications the surgeon has, because the one who has everything in okay, no problem it will show,” he added.

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