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A few days ago, the Irish “The quiet girl” came to the billboard, which is among the candidates for the Oscar for best international film. It is a cinematographic example of a stolen childhood and we can find a selection in our section of classics and jewels to complement your viewing.


“It’s you” by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa (Netflix) Direct premiere on platform

After succeeding with her debut film “Cinco lobitos”, the director Alauda Ruiz de Azúa shot “Eres tú”, which was bought by Netflix. It is a romantic comedy starring Álvaro Cervantes, Silvia Alonso and Gorka Otxoa in which a young man believes find the love of his life when he meets and kisses a girl in a nightclub but she turns out to be his best friend’s girlfriend.

“Tonight you sleep with me” by Robert Wichrowski (Netflix) Direct premiere on platform

Polish romantic drama about a journalist whose marriage is in crisis and who has just been reunited with an old love.

“Nocebo Effect” by Lorcan Finnegan (Movistar+) Direct premiere on platform

Eva Green is the main attraction of “Efecto nocebo” that participated in the Sitges Festival 2022. “Efecto nocebo” revolves around a woman who suffers from a mysterious illness and who will put herself in the hands of a Filipino caregiver who will tell her something that I would rather not know. Directs Lorcan Finnegan (“Vivarium”).

“The Fracture” by Catherine Corsini (Movistar+)

“The Fracture” could be seen in the official section of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and AIssatou Dialo-Sagna was recognized with the 2022 César for Best Supporting Actress at the French Film Academy Awards. The film is set in the middle of the season of demonstrations led by the “yellow vests” and introduces us to a couple of women who have to go to the emergency room due to a severe crisis and there they will find an injured protester who has become angry, all this in the middle of a hospital that is like a pressure cooker about to explode.

“The job of learning” by François Favrat (Movistar+)

“The job of learning” is a new example of French social cinema. This film directed by François Favrat revolves around a young woman who is part of an integration workshop and who will begin to feel useful for the first time in her life thanks to her instructor who will put her in contact with a master craftsman who will discover the world for her. of the stained glass Starring Najaa Bensaid, Agnès Jaoui and Pio Marmaï.

“Folie à famille” by Alex Sereno (Filmin) Direct premiere on platform

Comedy directed by Alex Sereno in which a family meeting is narrated in which it will be a miracle that they do not end up declaring war.

“Killing time” by Norberto Ramos del Val (Filmin) Direct premiere on platform

Norberto Ramos del Val directs this “giallo” film exhibition, about a young woman who lives in a gloomy mansion and who is trapped in her own demons.

“The Giants” by Beatriz Sanchís (Filmin) Direct premiere on platform

The director Beatriz Sanchís (“Everyone is dead”) won the special mention of the Jury at the Malaga Festival 2022 with “The Gigantes”, which was also recognized with the award for best photography. This film narrates the journey of a young North American who goes to Mexico to meet an old love, hoping that he will be her lifeline.


“The Fourniret case: Monique Olivier, instrument of evil” (Netflix)

Documentary miniseries about Michel Fourniret, the most chilling serial killer in the history of France, who acted between 1987 and 2003. This work focuses especially on the role played by his wife in his crimes.

“Sinéad O’Connor: Nothing compares” by Kathryn Ferguson (Movistar+)

“Sinéad O’Connor: Nothing compares” goes far beyond the musical documentary genre, it was awarded the BIFA in its last edition and was also present at the 2022 Sundance Festival and among the nominees for the Producers Guild (PGA) award. . Kathryn Ferguson chronicles the rise to stardom of Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor in 1990 thanks to her version of her song composed by Prince Nothing compares 2U and how his overwhelming personality dynamited his future in the music industry.

“The Mountaineer” by Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen (Amazon Prime)

“Free Solo” (2018) won the Oscar for Best Documentary and “The Mountaineer” is a one-session work with the award-winning film. Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen closely follow Marc-André Leclerc, who pulled off some of the most daring solo ascents in history. In 2018 Leclerc and his partner were declared dead when they disappeared in Alaska while trying to descend the Mendenhall Towers. The Canadian mountaineer was only 27 years old.

“A pornographic revolution” by Patrick Muroni (Filmin)

This Swiss documentary focuses on the “queer” movement taking place in the world of porn that wants to give an artistic and also a political approach to the industry.


“The Night of the Hunter” by Charles Laughton (Filmin)

“The Night of the Hunter” (1955), the only film directed by actor Charles Laughton, is a horror tale in which he introduces us to two unprotected children who flee from an ogre who has married their mother with the sole objective of get hold of a booty that the children possess. Robert Mitchum gave one of his career performances as the ruthless psychopath who destroys everything in his path.

“Grave of the Fireflies” by Isao Takahata (Rakuten TV)

“Grave of the Fireflies” (1988) is one of the most moving works of Studio Ghibli. The film adaptation of the partially autobiographical novel by Akiyuki Nosaka carried out by Isao Takahata, who was later nominated for an Oscar for “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” (2013), is set in Japan devastated during World War II and is the story of survival starring the young sons of a naval officer desperately looking for their mother.

“Capernaum” by Nadine Labaki (Filmin)

Almost five years ago, the Lebanese “Cafarnaum” (2018) by Nadine Labaki was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and since then the Palais has not experienced anything so emotional, it was the film that made Cate Blanchett cry when she was the president of the Jury, although it is also true that it was considered a pornographic work that exploited extreme poverty to provoke the tears of the spectator who sees it from the comfort that living in the first world confers. Nadine Labaki, who won the Audience Award at the Toronto Festival with “And now where are we going?” (2011), presents us with a 12-year-old boy who sues his parents for having condemned him to be born in a world of misery and in which any invitation to hope is a chimera. In Cannes she won the Jury Prize and months later she was nominated for an Oscar.

“Room” by Lenny Abrahamson (Rakuten TV)

Lenny Abrahamson won the Toronto Festival Audience Award with “Room” (2015), a harrowing drama that revolves around a five-year-old boy whose world is a room because in the past his mother was kidnapped by a man who continually raped her. When they both manage to get out of that captivity, they must learn to live in the outside world, although both the mother and the son will continue to be locked up in the zulo. Brie Larson took the Oscar for best actress for playing the mother who, with wit, made her son’s life as dignified as possible.

“Goodbye Boys” by Louis Malle (Filmin)

Director Louis Malle won the Golden Lion at the Venice Festival with “Goodbye, Boys” (1987), his most personal work and in which he settled accounts with his past. Set in 1943, during the German occupation of France, in a Catholic boarding school and narrates the friendship between two teenagers, one a Catholic from a middle-class family (Malle’s alter-ego) and another Jew who is hiding in the school, the relationship between them it will end in the most abrupt way when the Gestapo appears in the center and they take the persecuted friend.

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