Pregnant Beth Rodergas on the beach of Formentera gives clues to the baby’s name

Last June the singer Beth Rodergas shared one of the happy news: she will become a mother for the third time. Leah and Kai, aged 10 and 6 respectively, will have company. Pregnancy accompanied by 41 years old crowns a very happy family, the one that he created for 11 years with Joan Bois, and which also represents a very important personal improvement. For decades, the artist has been battling endometriosis, a disease that affects her fertility. That is why her second child was born after the in vitro fertilization procedure, all attempts to conceive him in the “traditional” way were unsuccessful. What is life, suddenly the cake turned over.

Rodergas and his team were in Formenteraenjoying a vacation that will be the last four. Are days of extreme joy, memories, declarations of love. Like the one we find in stories on Instagram, which he published a few hours ago, dedicated specifically to the Balearic Island. You can see a wonderful sunset from the climb to La Mola and write the following: “Always magical. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of our first meeting. With the van, with the Lost, with Joan, with Leah in her stomach, with Kai in her stomach… and now... thank you beautiful island. The circle closes and she feels very grateful. Precious.

Beth is in love with Formentera / Instagram
Beth Rodergas, Joan Bua, Leah and Kai / @bethrodergas

Beth on vacation in Formentera, life smiles at her

New big family Beth is taking shape, in fact stomach the artist is already from the clan. It is given all the care and attention, it is even decorated with shells and small marine elements found on the idyllic beaches of Formentera. He spends the day on the white sands and turquoise waters that inspire his parents and siblings so much. When he is born, he will taste the salt water and smell of juniper. Through all these days extreme fit the more independent shared little bits of his summer and motherly joy. An assault force will be needed to bring her back to Catalonia when the children start school, and Joan will have to return to work for the courier company where she is in charge of the area. Have several documents But let’s leave the most important for last. Patience.

Belly Beth Rodergas during pregnancy / Instagram

A radiant photo and a hint about the name of the future baby

Well, we offer you a picture that could appear in the encyclopedia as a definition happy pregnant. We see the former representative of Spain at Eurovision sitting on the seashore. shining, fun. Speaks: “P belly, Posidonia, fish, paradise. P sat down?“They think the same thing as us, right? We already have trace of his name, be it a boy or a girl. Clue with P.Paul, Pow, Paula, Peter, Priscilla? Pillar? Pauline? There are a few. Oh what nerves. This is what needs to be created hype.

Pregnant Beth in Formentera / Instagram

Congratulations and all will be well. We really want to meet Pi, oh yeah.

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