Premier League | Guardiola discovers new talent at City’s factory

09/03/2023 at 20:32


The Manchester City academy talent factory never stops working. After an early explosion Cole Palmer who ended up leaving Chelsea for nothing and no less than 50 million euros, at the Etihad they turned the page, creating a new youth squad to watch. Near Oscar Bobb, a young football player of Norwegian origin. that in the fight against Fulham he had the opportunity to make his debut.

Since the party has already been sentenced, Pep Guardiola decided to give Bobb an award and give him his first minutes in the first team. The 20-year-old winger came out in the 90th minute instead of Phil Foden, oddly enough, one of the successful reference footballers in Manchester City’s academy talent factory. And not only did he not feel the pressure of the Etihad, but he left a few glimpses of his quality.

Far from scared, in one of his first actions in the game Bobb decided it would be a good idea to throw a devilish trick on one of the Fulham players.. The fans, who were still holding their seats at the Etihad, responded with the “oooooh” that was noted in the stands. Was left foot dribble, very fastwho reminded many of a certain Leroy Sane. His ability to move around in tight spaces, saving distances, is also similar to what Bernardo Silva offers.

Even though the Norwegian came out with the game already decided, the Norwegian had time to celebrate the fifth goal of the game after a very respectable performance by Sergio Gomez who scored. Erling Haaland at the bottom of the web. Hat-trick of the Norwegian “cyborg” and hugs with young Bobb, because they are both compatriots. Who knows if in the not so distant future they will be able to form a duet with Martin Odegaard in their team.

So far, Oscar Bobb has been a fixture in Manchester City’s under-21 team, where he set impressive goalscoring records last season. He converted 6 goals and 16 assists in 28 games. This summer, a team like Lazio knocked on his door. Unlike men like P.Almer (Chelsea), McAtee (Sheffield United), Doyle (Wolverhampton) or Perrone (Las Palmas).), decided to stay.

now and more With the departure of a man like Cole Palmer from the rotation, Bobb saw the doors of the first team open for him. Despite signing Doku, Guardiola doesn’t have many options on the far right. and his presence could be noted until the end of the season. It will be necessary to closely monitor his progress. He draws very, very well.

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