Premiere: Pipiolas

“Everything that happens on stage is automatically treated”

They haven’t released their first LP yet, and the Pipiolas are already one of the revealing bands of this 2023 thanks to epé and three similarly eclectic and fresh singles. Today they pass our premier section.

Text: EFE EME.

Behind Pipiolas are Adriana Ubani (1997, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and Paula Reyes (1995, Madrid), two restless young women who rocked the stage as soon as they set foot on it. It all started last year with a ten inch epe The summer you owe me, and followed up with three previews of what would become his first full-length album. Romancero propio, as our colleague Sarah Morales wrote, “tells about the ups and downs of the relationship with oneself, about that self-love that sometimes falters, which is disappointing, but which, at the same time, diligently continues thanks to the survival instinct inherent in man.” A song that oscillates between Jeanette and M83 passing through Vainica Doble, a far cry from “San Peter”, punk outbursts and rage, and the recently released “Baby” strike fills the tracks with a rhythm borrowed from trap and reggaeton, with echoes of disco a la The Weekend or Daft Punk. They are already touring with them at such festivals as Fan Futura Fest (San Javier, Murcia, July 28 and 29), Low Festival (Benidorm, July 28-30) and Truenorayo Fest (September 28-30). They used to tell us where they came from.

Where are you from?
We are two choir girls who have never played music before, Pipiolas is our first and only project. Adriana is from Gran Canaria and Paula is from Madrid, where we met.

How was the project born?
When Paula’s heart is broken by an indie, she decides the best way to express it is to write a song. It’s the song “Narciso” and he thinks Adriana will sing it because he knows they have a similar experience.

Describe your sound.
To say something, we would say eclectically, you never know where we are going to go because we don’t even know it ourselves. We swim and don’t clip our wings.

Major influences.

How would you define your new album?
Very well done Frankenstein (laughs). This is the space to do what we really want to do.

Does your album sound, or would you like it to sound like…
For what you ask as those who mark you for life and you give to your children to mark them too.

Five head disks.
Thus, as a mixture of tastes of both, we would say Where are the thieves?Shakira; constructorfrom Meccano; My beautiful dark twisted fantasyKanye West; sour, Olivia Rodrigo and school musical 1, by soundtrack.

Five perfect songs.
Paula chooses “Barca quemada” from Triángulo de Amor Bizarro; “Breakfast in America” ​​by Supertramp, “Invite” by Amaia; “By Myself” from the musical “Les Misérables” and “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis. Adriana stays with Mac DeMarco’s Chamber of Reflection; “That Boy” of West Side Story; “All Sorry” by Nirvana; “Vision tunnel” by Cruz Kafune and “At last” by Etta James.

Do you prefer studio or direct?
We come from the theater, so whatever happens on the stage, it is treated automatically.

Who would you like to support?
To whom we have already listened, Ginebras and Rigobert Bandini. Er… a dream.

What tribute album would you like to be a part of?
Oasis, right? And the Wonderwall cover.

Which song on the album best represents you and why?
The one that hasn’t come out yet (laughs).

How are you on stage?
Very sexy, very funny, very Paula and very Adriana.

What are your plans for this year?
Live and develop, all the time together.

You have fifty words to sell your first record. Forward!
Patience, because there is still a little left, ha ha (and ha ha until fifty is filled).

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