Professor Kroos does not rest

While the majority of footballers break away from their families and spend their last days of vacation on the best paradise beaches and corners of the world, Kroos decided to visit the campuses of his football academy and keep a close eye on the education of the children at his summer with them and giving them top-level professional advice.

Project, The Toni Kroos Academy, which was created with the aim of “giving children and youth learning tips and helping them become better football players”.. The Real Madrid player developed the idea at the start of his detention due to the coronavirus pandemic, when one of his Instagram ideas, “TonisHomeChallenge”, went viral on his networks: our living room or garden.”

Toni Kroos during training with the children of his campus.

Since then, the new fourth captain of the white club has been constantly working on the application with the development team, the main goal of which is to “provide users with the ability to closely follow him and guide them through high-quality football content.” , as the Academy page assures. Through it The German international uploads videos with tasks, tips and even solutions to various user questions: “I myself choose the exercises and explain them, accompanied by real game scenes from my professional career. I also show what my daily routine is, my path to where I am today, what obstacles I overcome, what my values ​​are…”.

In addition, fans have the option to upload videos of themselves performing these tasks to the app for the player or coaches of their choice to watch. An effective way to interact with its growing community of over 500 children today: “Today’s youth come into contact with the digital world very early and can face many distractions. That’s why I came up with this “app”. There they can do my exercises. It’s fun, it’s distracting, and it’s so much better than sitting on the couch for hours staring at a screen.”

Toni Kroos with a child at Coaching Day.

In summer, the Academy activates its activities with training campsheld this year in Rostock, Munich and Cologne, as well as in expected Training daysfor example, the one that takes place on July 8th, in which Tony will take part again to train and have fun with the children registered on campus. Unforgettable days for all little football players who not only have the unique opportunity to meet their idol, but also to study alongside him in order to one day become the next Toni Kroos, the great dream of any German child.

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