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Can you imagine some of the best players in the world like Kylian Mbappé wearing the new PSG jersey in collaboration with artist The Weekend? The shirt is real, and from what we’ve been able to verify, PSG want to follow in the footsteps of Barcelona and not only because of the players and the coach they sign, but also because they also collaborated with the singer, as the Catalan club did with Rosalia. The action with which they went around the world.

TONow the Parisian club has collaborated with one of the most important singers of the moment, The Weekend. On the 29th, the French put him up for sale, and now all the shirts are sold.

For this reason, the football team teamed up with a Canadian artist to create an exclusive shirt dedicated to his arrival at the stadium. french stadium 29 and 30 July. So the tracksuit Nike was stained with the coat of arms XO records and team sponsors that coexist with the club’s official design.

“The Weeknd is a major artist with an exceptional career, whose popularity knows no bounds. The club is honored to be part of his adventure tour, which stopped in Paris this month.” said in a statement Fabian Allegrebrand director psg.

The shirt that was on sale during the two capital concerts is still available in the store. official site belonging Paris Saint Germain, although it is still out of stock at the moment. The price of the shirts was about 125 euros, money that, if you compare them with the rest of the shirts of the great European football teams, is very similar.

Details that make The Weekend concert unique

  1. powerful scenery. Yes, it is true that there are those who have warned that depending on which part of the hall you are sitting in, you will have visibility or not, but nothing less than a recreation of the city of Toronto, it is wonderful.
  2. Mask. More than half of the concert – he is on stage for two hours – his face was covered with the same mask that can be seen at the top of this news. A way to create an aura of mysticism, and also to fix that mysterious image full of folds that was created. The question that is being discussed at the moment is this: when this era is over, will The Weeknd make such a radical turn that nothing is identified with all this “performance”?
  3. fireworks, big. At a meeting in Madrid, he noticed for half the concert how hot it was. We confirm this. However, this must not have seemed enough. The fireworks he surprises with in the middle of the concert was one of the most commented on among the more than 60,000 fans who sang each of the songs in the “set list” that tracks the memorial tour’s stops.
  4. Bracelets to create an atmosphere. He is not the only one and will not be the last. There are several other impressive images in the stadium, which is illuminated in the dark by small lanterns carried by those present. In The Weeknd’s case, instead of asking them to take out their cell phones – which can make the coverage incomplete because there’s always a good handful of people who want to record it – he left a bracelet of those that break down to become fluorescent lights on every seat. Result? Entertaining.
  5. little speech, much music. Sometimes we go to a “show” and the artist spends more time talking about his life than his songs. In your case, no. Little dialogue. Little speech. Number 1 after number 1. Something that also gives more status to the idol who is on stage. Yes, someone may miss his closeness, but he is still one of those figures that are currently very few in the industry.

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