Puebla to join health program for Atoyac victims


The government of the state of Puebla must join the aid project developed by the federal ministry of health.  Photo: EsImage
The government of the state of Puebla must join the aid project developed by the federal ministry of health. Photo: EsImage

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The government of the state of Puebla must join the care project developed by the federal ministry of health. for those affected by the pollution of the Atoyac River, as already done in Tlaxcala, and also to observe Conahcyt’s recommendations on this matter.

Andres Barreda Marin, National Strategic Program Coordinator (Pronas) “Toxic Agents and Contaminating Processes of Conachcite” announced that On October 2, the presentation of the “Strategic Report on Understanding the Social and Environmental Issues of Cuenca Alta del Atoyac” will be presented. and Recommendations for Comprehensive Care” with the participation of the governments of Tlaxcala and Puebla”.

The above is that both entities to join the necessary actions in the field of sanitation and the cooperation of Puebla with the Federal Ministry of Health. care for those affected by the pollution of this tributary.

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“When the report is submitted, the Ministry of Health will announce the work it is doing in coordination with Tlaxcala (…) screening of young people from Tepetitla who may have kidney failure, to identify people who are in the early stages, take care of themselves and prevent them from entering the Via Crucis of this so harmful and costly disease.”


He explained that the state of Tlaxcala is at the highest level with an indicator of chronic renal failure and the country is also at the highest levels of the world:

“For this reason, Tlaxcala is the first state where healthcare was federalized – has this care program and seeks to expand it to other municipalities in the same statelike Ixtaquixtla, Nativitas, and also in the state of Puebla with the support of the authorities.”

He reiterated that the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) and the National Water Commission (Conagua) were just a formality, but they need to “take the problem seriously” and comprehensively work on sanitation, but action is being taken in the field of health, by developing plans for the care of patients with leukemia and chronic renal failure in the Atoyak River area:

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“Department of Health The presentation of the report was not expected, the attention program is already unfolding, because it was already necessary to act”he repeated.

Correlation between pollutants and diseases

The UNAM researcher also specified that pollutants will be compared for the first time in the report. with diseases, because when there were cases when children had six fingers on their hands, some politicians indicated that this was due to incest, ”This is a common place, they want to insist on this and do not want to take responsibility for the pestilence, for the degradation that prevails in many places.”

He added that they would later hold a forum on 11, 12 and 13 October. with researchers and those affected by the environment of the Atoyak River in BUAP.

He specified that among the municipalities of Puebla Santa Rita Tlauapan, San Martin Texmelucan, San Miguel Xoxtla, as well as Coronango, Puebla and Cuautlancingo have been affected by the pollution of the Atoyac River. where there are several industrial parks such as Sanctorum and Puebla 2000, the latter has a river collecting “dozens and dozens” of industrial waste:

“We are not talking about municipalities, but about such neighborhoods as Viveros del Valle, Bosques de Manzanilla, the residential complex Rivera Anaya, Miguel Hidalgo, where there is a high likelihood of serious health problems, we deal with it.”

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