Puno: warn of uncontrolled smuggling of pigs and meat from Bolivia

Miguel Cuadros Calderón, president of the Arequipa (Azopora) Pork Producers Association, warned of smuggled pigs and meat from Bolivia into Puno without any control.

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Cuadros realized that “food security” was under threat with the release of these products on the national market.

He specified that this meat enters the country without refrigeration for more than two days and is mixed with Peruvian cattle so that its “state of decay” is not so obvious.

In this regard, he mentioned that eating these foods can cause serious digestive problems, including swine cholera. “It can give people diarrhea, digestive problems, vomiting, all kinds of digestive ailments; to this we add swine cholera in Bolivia,” he added.

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On the other hand, he pointed out that the troops in charge of border control disappear when smuggling enters the country and return to their stalls with the act already committed.

With regard to the reduction in the price of meat from Bolivia, the representative pointed out that in the mountainous country the State was subsidizing its farmers; Likewise, the price of pet food is 50% cheaper. “They produce corn and soybeans for half the price,” he said.

Given this scenario, the leader approached the National Agricultural Health Service of Peru (Senasa); Nelli Paredes, Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation of Peru; and President of the Republic Dina Boluarte not to leave micro-entrepreneurs unprotected.

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