Queen’s Gambit at Real de la Fira

Queen’s Gambit at Real de la FiraAugustine Perales

The parallel chess game that the Club d’Escacs La Primitiva Setabense organizes every year as part of the Fira d’Agost program brought together dozens of participants this Tuesday at the Reial de la Fira.. The event counted this year with the participation of the great chess player Maria Rodrigo Yanguas as the Queen’s Gambit, who took part dressed and looking like the protagonist of a television series that tells the story of a chess prodigy starring actress Anya Taylor-Joy. The series is also based on the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis.

In the simultaneous game of Fira de Xàtiva, Maria Rodrigo competed with several participants in games that attracted dozens of spectators. all this Tuesday morning in Albereda de Xativa, where the competition is held from 10 am. Simultaneous play was up to 25 boards.

The participant waits for Maria’s next move on the board.

The presence of Maria Rodrigo Yanguas also attracted many spectators to the chess event. The “streamer” has many subscribers on the chess.com page and on the personal Twitch of the great chess master. Rodrigo is also a FIDE Women’s Chess Master, President of the “Women and Chess” Commission of the Spanish Chess Federation (FEDA) and coach of the same federation’s High Performance Under 8 and Under 10 Groups, as well as the Commercial Director (CCO) of the Chess School with head. Published the book “Do not castle. Psychochess to improve your life” as she also holds a PhD in Psychology.

Children also took part in the Fira d’Agost simul, as La Primitiva Setabense gave away some places to the winners of the children’s tournament held on 2 July. In this appointment, ten places were also contested among the rest of the participants in the tournament.

Participants in a simultaneous chess session at Fira de Xàtiva.

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