Quinton Aaron, actor of The Blind Side, came to the defense of Sandra Bullock after her Oscar controversy.

Just a few days after death Brian Randall, boyfriend Sandra BullockThe actress has been harshly criticized for participating inBlind area’, 2009 film but her co-star Quinton Aaron, He defended himself so that criticism would not touch him.

‘Blind area’ is a story based on the life of a former NFL star Michael Oherwhen he played American football. The film chronicles his rise to fame through the Tohi family who adopted him.

But in recent days, the film’s plot has taken a radical turn as Michael Oher claimed that the family that adopted him made millions of dollars from his story, while he didn’t get a single dollar.

Michael Oher with his guardians

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After the social position that he occupied Oher, asked on social media Sandra Bullock, who played the player’s guardian, Anne Tuohy, returns the Oscar she won in 2010 for her role in ‘Blind area’. This situation made Aaron come to his defense, as he believes that “it doesn’t make any sense”.

Quinton Aaron defends Sandra Bullock

This Wednesday, August 16, Quinton Aaron she told TMZ Sports that her co-star put in a “brilliant performance and that shouldn’t be overshadowed by something that had nothing to do with her.” Quinton added that today’s society takes certain positions that lead people to blame others.

Given the determination he took Michael Oher, the actor explained that “Sandra Bullock It had nothing to do with real history. I think people just need to relax and let the families involved take care of whatever they’re going through.”

Regarding the conflict going on between the Tuohy family and Oher, The famous was careful in choosing one side or the other, “unfortunately, this is not a very good turn of events. This film has inspired so many people, it has changed people’s lives, including mine. I feel sorry for everyone involved,” he said.

Until now, Sandra Bullock He has not made any statements on the subject publicly, either in connection with the former NFL player’s conflict with his family, or in connection with the return of the award he was given at the Academy.

Controversy surrounding the film “The Blind Side”

Michael Oher set social media on fire after assuring that the film “Blind area’ (“A Possible Dream”) is false and indicated that Sean and Lee Ann Tuohy used their power as guardians to reach an agreement that paid them and their two biological children millions of dollars in royalties.

Former team player Baltimore Ravens and who inspired the movie ‘Blind area’ about a young African-American adopted by a wealthy couple filed a petition in a Tennessee court on Monday stating that the centerpiece of the record was invented by the family for their own enrichment.

The ESPN report notes that the 14-page petition claims that Sean and Lee Ann Tuohy who greeted Michael Oher in his home when he was in high school, he was never adopted. In addition, he points out that the former NFL player was deceived because the couple forced him to sign a document that made them his guardians and gave them legal authority to do business on his behalf.

Michael Oher guarantees that Tuohy they used this power to get millions of dollars from the film while the former attacking player got nothing.

Sean Tuohy subsequently appeared and called the liar to Oher, assuring that the procedure used to legally care for him was the best since he was over 18 years old. In addition, he made it clear that each member of the family earned about $14,000 for the film, including the former abuser.

The Blind Side, a film that is at the center of a hurricane that could lead to the Academy stripping her of her Oscar from Sandra Bullock.

According to E! News”, “The Blind Side” collected more than $300 million. In accordance with Michael Oher Tuohy won as Conservatives in a deal that gave them millions of dollars in royalties while he got nothing for a story “that wouldn’t have been” without him.

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