Rachel Zegler responds to critics who say she wants to imitate Scarlet Witch in the sequel

Shazam 2: Rachel Zegler responds to critics who say she wants to imitate Scarlet Witch in the sequel

Shazam 2: Rachel Zegler responds to critics who say she wants to imitate Scarlet Witch in the sequel

Thanks to Love without barriers (100%), Rachel Zegler has become one of the most promising young actresses in recent years. Of course, her fame also came with a lot of criticism just because of her race, but that hasn’t changed the fact that she will be the next Snow White or that she will star in the highly anticipated Hunger Games prequel (84%). . The interpreter is also looking for a place in the world of superheroes with Shazam! Fury of the Gods, but the context has not been so favorable. In a recent interview, Zegler compared her character to Scarlet Witch and the public did not take it very well, but now she responds to these new attacks.

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When Elizabeth Olsen joined Marvel in Avengers: Age of Ultron (75%), the mutant rights were still at Fox, so fans of the character believed we would never see her in all her glory. Luckily, the business moves changed and Scarlet Witch proved to be one of the most important and beloved figures of the brand. Thanks to her popularity and the fact that she had not been given as much room to develop in her films, the company decided to give her a solo series that would finally position her as one of the most powerful heroines in the canon.

WandaVision (95%) opened very successfully and laid the right foundation for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (88%), where Olsen’s character works as the villain to be defeated. Despite that ending, everyone expects him to return for other installments where he could already connect with his mutant roots. Since Scarlet Witch is so powerful, it’s not surprising that the competition seeks to adapt characters that are similar, but although DC started on the right foot its representation of women with Wonder Woman (92%), some believe that they left out other heroines who could be just as interesting.

During an interview to promote Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Rachel Zegler He talked about how he approached his character alongside director David F. Sandberg and compared his first approach to Scarlet Witch:

I was trying to figure out what David wanted when we started because I didn’t know if it would end up being like WandaVision, like I really had the world in my hands.

The public was upset with the actress for imitating the character of Wanda, instead of referring to others from DC, but also because the advertising for the film itself promotes this comparison:

Rachel Zegler talks about learning to display her powers in Shazam!: Fury of the Gods and how she thought it would be similar to “WandAVision. Rachel and Lucy Liu do their best Scarlet Witch impressions, too!

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The lawsuit between Marvel and DC is more alive and active than ever, and it is not strange that some actors refer to the competition. In Zegler’s case, she simply commented that she thought her character would express her powers in a similar way to Wanda and was disappointed when it didn’t, but she never directly compared herself to her and definitely didn’t offend the image of the character at all. another heroine. This did not stop the public that is always ready to take any pretext to attack:

More proof that they want to pass Shazam! Like a MCU tape. Rachel Zegler was able to mention Doctor Fate or Zatanna. It doesn’t matter.

But the actress was not going to let some people misinterpret her words just to show hate, so she did not hesitate to respond as soon as possible:

In fact, neither Zatanna nor Doctor Fate do those hand movements like the ones I specifically referenced. Anyway, blessings.

Are you going to educate me about my work? What am I getting paid to do? No no.

Plus, they act like none of us can talk about what was undoubtedly a revolutionary time for superhero franchise entertainment in the modern era…get a job!

With these comments, Rachel Zegler He found a lot of support on social networks, since it is clear that there are times when you look for anything to attack without reason. The actress is sadly used to this type of situation, but she does not let it get in the way of her work or the goals she hopes to achieve. The sequel to Shazam! (88%) will not have an easy path now that fans do not know very well what will happen to this cinematographic universe, but if she manages to get good billboard numbers, it is possible that the character will be maintained for the renewed DCU, and the interpreter could also come back eventually.

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