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yeah Carlo Ancelotti, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and most of the fans real Madrid they agree on something, maybe it’s something really important. This is not about team building, replacement protocols or player adaptations, but about Nico Paz. Ever since I first heard your name, I’ve been inspired by the thought that have a chip in the main team. Last season he took the necessary step towards Castilealthough it is true that Raul Gonzalez it didn’t help him adapt at all. He put him in a very backward position, which goes against the nature of a player who At Real Madrid, this will be more than important..


He’s been talked about a lot this season. He is the new leader Real Madrid Castilla after the departure of such players as Rafa Marin, Carlos Dotor or Sergio Arribas. It seemed that this trio had a place in the main lineup of Merengue, but the sports management did not consider it appropriate, at least at the moment. The case with Argentina is quite different. He is one of those players. They should not have an intermediate step in Castilla.. He has it, but I find it completely unnecessary. I can understand that it takes minutes to cook, yes. However, if so many heavyweights of the world agreed to so much It doesn’t make sense for Real Madrid to renew Dani Ceballos. The Andalusian has a very different role than the Argentine, but one figure occupies the space that another should occupy.

It won’t be this season but I play what they want if Nico Paz has no first team record next season. Kroos and Modric will leave, so the player of the youth team has a place in the first team.

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