Recommended EPU – On Demand: Bear (Season 2), You’re Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah! and Flash.

Bear (season 2)
Available on Star+

Carmen “Carmi” Berzatto no longer has an alternative: As revealed in the surprise finale of the first season, his ill-fated brother Mickey left him money (well hidden) to revive the restaurant that brought him back to Chicago. Now The Beef, a former sandwich shop, will become The Bear, a gourmet restaurant worthy of a chef in its category.

But the rite of passage will not be easy, because, as in the vaunted first part of the chapters, the protagonist of this bittersweet story (the notable Jeremy Allen White) is burdened too much weight on the back. A tense family history, the difficulty of building a team with the same pay as the old establishment, the demands that such change imposes, the ghost of Mickey and the arrival of an old lover represent obstacles even greater than the company. reveals it

The script once again accurately depicts the characters (note the arc “cousin” Richie goes through) and situations. but this time the tension is greater. The series, thanks to the concentration and mastery of the materials available in it, perfectly solves this problem.

You are not invited to my bat mitzvah!
Available on Netflix

Adam Sandler fulfills his millionth deal with Netflix making films that range from inconsequential (the Jennifer Aniston saga) to extraordinary (claw). It’s a comedy that involves his entire family (his daughters Sunny and Sadie, his wife Jackie, and himself, in a risky bet). happily belongs to the second group.

The story focuses on the youngest of the Friedmans at a key moment: his bat mitzvah, a traditional Jewish ceremony that marks the beginning of adulthood at the age of 12. Stacey’s party (nice work by Sunny Sandler), like her classmates’ party (and especially her best friend Lydia’s, planned a few days in advance), will be an unforgettable and expensive party. as long as she can contain the hormonal revolution she’s experienced (spoiler alert: she can’t).

Growing up with good jokes and a portrait as sincere as it is gentle, of a wealthy Jewish class that balances between ancestral customs and modernity, the film brings Sandler back into the realm of comedy, simple at first glance, but has a lot to say.

Available on HBO Max

Multiverse theme This is undermining the popularity of superhero films, and there may be no going back. It remains, as the Argentine does Andy Muschietti here, wrap it in a spectacular film. Now it’s DC’s turn dedicating this new movie from their expanded universe Barry Allen Flash (Ezra Miller), who this time will go far, using his super speed to go back a decade in time and try to prove the innocence of his father, who is in prison on charges of murdering his mother.

As expected, the situation will get out of control. and this is a reason to host not only the heroes of 2023 (there are small participations Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot), but of the alternatives resulting from the change that Barry brought about by his desperate act. Thus, the old and retired Bruce Wayne is added to the 2013 Barry (the great Michael Keaton), who will once again don the costumes of Batman, Supergirl, and more.

With a flawless first halfand since then the film has become a bit more cumbersome, but it still remains good and funny start to the saga of the world’s fastest superhero.

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