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And here he is punctual, as Peter says. I did not write last Saturday, which I hope dear readers have noticed. And least loved. I had a stuffy nose worse than poor Bogotá, from one of those red-eyed colds that make you speechless, you hear them say in the Valley. Sometimes the Valley of Tears, like many other areas of Locombia. Last week, they assassinated Hamundi’s leader and candidate for the council, Claudia Ordonez, and her husband. Let these new crimes not go unpunished. According to Indepaz, 97 community leaders have already been killed in 2023.

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And, since sleep is worth nothing, I dreamed that the flu joined dengue, covid and chikungunya, as the ANO says, dissidents and “bakrim” together. I mean, a miracle saved me. OK it’s all over Now.

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It occurs to me that we should say that as a society, here we go. It’s time to breathe easier, to calm down this fever of insults and murders of each other, hatred for each other. But, unfortunately, this country suffers from many diseases, due to which we have red eyes. There is a national conjunctivitis.

There are few positive facts. Violent sneezing here and there. And all this is a paradox. The dissidents of the FARC, on that very day of rapprochement with the government, it occurred to them, as always, to celebrate with gunpowder, and they killed two policemen in the Met, Mayor Edwin Alfonso Rodriguez and Patrolman Edison Harvey Velazquez. Colonel Jonathan Sandoval and Second Lieutenant Victor Alfonso Guerreros were wounded.

The war must be stopped. Violent and verbal. Because reconciliation, respect and common sense are also missing.

Politically, things are not going well. Peter finally met with union representatives, at least there was a smoking red, hopefully from the Federation of Coffee Growers, but a few hours later, when the path of national unity had to be cemented, the President attacked Argos.

This is the country of coughing, bone pain and red eyes; On Thursday, this newspaper published a photo of Mauricio Dueñas taken from many other photographs, many dramas, tragedies and tears, and next to them is a woman, probably the mother of one of the missing, who interprets the pain and despair of thousands of other mothers. It was International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, Watery Eyes Day.

According to the Missing Persons Unit, more than 100,000 people have never returned in the context of the armed and heartless conflict that this country has endured. It is a burden in the soul that has no name. If in this uncertainty, in which they kill even for a fike ring, a person begins to suffer when a child is an hour late, then what will happen when a day, a month, 10, 15 or 20 years have passed?

Under this photo of pain, the JEP was reported to have accused General Mario Montoya and eight other soldiers of 130 extrajudicial killings. Or “false positives”—negatives, anyway—that dark and sad chapter in which 6,402 innocent people were killed and presented as guerrillas between 2002 and 2008. Justice will speak, and conscience will know. But we cannot continue to live in uncertainty. There is another missing truth here. Tell us where are the thousands of beings who have not returned. It may not be a complete peace, but it is the relief of the soul, and not just of the victims, because perhaps the truth will bring relief to the perpetrators, in whatever form they may be. For the sake of blessed souls, cheer up.

No more red eyes and wet tissues. The war must be stopped. Violent and verbal. Because reconciliation, respect and common sense are also missing. I think that, as they say in pairs, the president and the opposition should lower the course a little to see if we can correct the course.


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