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“Bird Box Barcelona” is a rather unexpected product considering its origin is “Blind”. It’s a spin-off that works both as a prequel and a sequel to Sandra Bullock’s film. However, a Mario Casas movie could mean a lot more than the linear connection to the American movie that this franchise has opened up for us. This may be the beginning of a connected universe in which we travel through more parts of the world surrounded by this catastrophe in the form of beings who incite suicide through vision. What we do know for sure is that “Birdbox in Barcelona” will very rarely be the last movie in this universe.

For this reason, we decided to collect in this article everything we know about the next part, which in the absence of an official title, we will call “Birdbox 3”.

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“Birdbox 3”: release date

Five years have passed, from 2018 to 2023, between “A ciegas” and “Bird Box Barcelona”. However, let’s remember that there was a pandemic between them and that the first tape was raised as a unique film. We suspect that, along with “Birdbox Barcelona”, the idea of ​​another movie from this universe should already be realized. There are many possibilities too. If it’s another spin-off with a new cast, you don’t even need to convince the main characters to reprise their roles.

Despite all this, we believe that we will have to wait much less for the third part of the “Birdbox”. we believe that Bird Box 3 could become a reality around 2026, and possibly sooner. And we are not waiting for 2025 because there is no official announcement yet and we will have to look for the cast and shoot. If it’s all happening in the shade, it might happen sooner.

“Birdbox 3”: the plot

Spoilers for “Bird Box Barcelona” and “Blindly” below

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Mario Casas stabs Pedro Pascal at the end of “Birdbox in Barcelona” and dies, freed from the spell of the creatures. However, Georgina Campbell survives. She could reappear as Sandra Bullock. However, we must remember that Sandra Bullock’s finale takes place 5 years later, while Campbell only takes place 9 months later. Although at the end of “Birdbox in Barcelona” we see that the survivors have captured the creature and are researching a genetic mutation that allows certain people to see creatures without committing suicide, we know from the original entry that these creatures still exist five years later and dominate humans.

However, if the first part dealt with a normal survivor, and the second part dealt with one who is able to see creatures, we think that the third part should have gone even further. That is, to be the one in which creatures not only appear, but also to be the first in which there is a way to fight them. “Birdbox 3” could be the movie where the vaccine is received, or where the resistance begins, the uprising of the people against this invasion. Another thing is to keep spinning the package, which was already showing signs of exhaustion in the middle of the first movie.

We’ll know more when we find out if, as in the case of Barcelona, ​​the third installment will move to a different location or, conversely, will restore a character from two films that we have already found in the Netflix catalog.

“Birdbox 3”: actors

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Until we know if it will be a direct extension of one, the other, or both, or a spin-off with no direct relationship, we can’t risk it. We remind you that the characters of Sandra Bullock and Georgina Campbell are the only surviving main characters of both films, so only they have the opportunity to play a major role in the new part. But if we had to place bets, we’d say a new lead star would be on the lookout, though we don’t want to rule out a cameo or a small appearance by any of them.

“Birdbox 3”: trailer and footage

Bird Box 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, so we don’t have a chance to get images of the movie. However, as filming begins, production gets closer to the premiere, the audiovisual material of the film will begin to arrive in the form of trailers, teasers, images or posters, and we will share it with you in this article.

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